Thursday, October 20, 2005

I can't take this anymore

I dont think there's anything worthwhile to talk about in my blog. My career has been kinda boring for quite a while now. Remember, I used to talk about my upcoming trip for october and then suddenly we lost the project. I was disappointed of course because I was looking forward to that project. I have been eager to go back to Helsinki and stay there over the winter... probably, even spend white christmas this year. Now, I am starting to apply for a job. Ok.. i am overreacting i know! it's just that the work im assigned to do now is not the thing that interests me a lot. I enjoyed doing portal stuff and since we lost the Finland project, i am not doing portal anymore. i am back to my old nokia project... the same project when I started in my company 2 years ago. It sort of bores me... =(

Anyway, my cousin gave birth already last week. We're still not in speaking terms. Honestly, Ive never been this angry at anyone before. I actually hate the feeling of "hating somebody". I just wish things were better.

Friday, October 14, 2005

I miss an old friend

Honesty, i still miss him. After all the pain he caused me, i dont uderstand why I still think about him. I know he's gone for good but I cant stop myself from thinking about him. Dont get me wrong... I am not wishing that we were still together. I just miss the friend I found in him. I miss the very long and great conversations we had. I miss his way of making me laugh at the silliest things. I miss the way he says talaga lang huh while imitating my way of saying the phrase. I miss the times he would stay up so late just to talk to me since I was abroad and have 5 hours time difference. I miss it when he talks about how his secretary reacts whenever i send him text messages and his phone is with his secretary and gets to read my messages. i miss the way he would subtly say i miss you after talking about very serious matters regarding our careers, problems and heartaches. i miss it when he gets so annoyed at me when I tease him or pretend that I am selos or when I am too kulit asking the same question over and over.

i miss you kyle. i miss being your friend. i miss having you as a friend. i miss the best person i can converse with. i know ive said things that have hurt you and i am sorry for that. ill see you someday so that we could continue talking about how we lived our lives. til we see each other again my friend. Til we see each other again...