Saturday, December 31, 2005

My year ender for 2005

For some weird reason, i neglected my blog for the past months. Since it's a new year, i think i should put a year end report or something like that so that I have something to compare my life with when it's new year of 2007 comes.

Ok... I checked out my new year entry for 2005 and here it is:

1. I will not neglect my health anymore.
2. Less shopping sprees... save more.
3. I will be more kind to other people.
4. I will try to reduce my mood swings.
5. I will take java certification exam this year.
6. I will religiously follow my planned diet. :D

What have I've done and what have I become this past 2005...

1. I had regular check-ups with my doc. Although at times I do forget going to my doc, good thing im required to submit a medical certificate everytime I leave out of the country. So I had like ummm... ive had medical check-ups roughly around 5 times last 2005. Not bad! Oh also, i dont smoke that much anymore. I actually barely smoke especially when im here in helsinki.

2. This is something I dont think i can ever get rid of. I think i saved more money than last 2004's but that's because I was here in finland for more than 5 months in 2005. Some of the nice things I bought last year were:
- my desktop
- digicam (canon ixus 7MP)
- n6230
- lots of shoes (hehe)
- my old mp3 player... HH gave me his ipod now so I have a new one. =)

ok... im a techno geek, i know!

3. talk about being kind last year... i gained, let's see... a handful of new friends , definitely more enemies and lost one very good friend. =( oh well, i cant please everybody. at least now I know who my true friends are and who are the people whom I can trust.

4. I dont know if I was able to do this. maybe i need to ask HH. he's always a victim of my moodswings.

5. For the Nth time I placed java certification in my list of goals during performance evaluation in the office, I still failed fulfilling it last 2005. Hayyy.. when will i ever get the right urge and passion to study again?!

6. Diet? what's that? hehe. I gained a lot when I got back home last august. Probably because it was my way of counteracting depression.

So.. i've failed most of my new year resolutions last year. It's a bad sign. Bad as it may seem, I think 2005 will be my most memorable year. Some of the things that I will never forget that happened last 2005 are:

1. Got back with the architect but ended up losing him for good. Honestly, this last time that we got back together was my happiest. I really did love him and for everything bad I did to him, I was really sorry. Maybe this was god's way of telling me to finally let him go. I know wherever he is now, he is happy. I know that someday I will see him and I hope I can forgive him. My life has definitely changed without him. I will always miss the friend I enjoy conversing with. May he rest in peace.

2. I gained new enemies... the architect's family and my cousin. Will not elaborate further but this is one of the very bad things in 2005.

3. Was here in helsinki for almost half of the year and I enjoyed it! For the greater part of my stay here, I was enjoying my work though it was really challenging.

4. Tito Jhun died. My uncle, mom's youngest sibling died last april.

5. My other uncle's marriage is breaking apart. There's a third party that's why. This uncle and aunt of mine are like my second parents. When I was younger, I would always go out with their family during weekends. Seeing them not able to work things out anymore breaks my heart too.

6. HH and I have a better relationship. one that is based on trust and love for each other. I may have been bad the start of the year, but when I said I will work things out with HH, I really did my best. HH are happier now.

7. HH's mom and stepdad got married. I am really happy for HH's mom.

8. Jaime, my boss, my mentor, my councilor, my good example, got married last april 2005.

9. HH is enjoying culinary school. He graduated already but will still have to do ojt. Finally reliving his dream career!

10. Boss offered me L1 visa to the US. That's inter-company transfer to our U.S. branch. It is a good privilege but I havent decided yet if im going to take it or not.

Im looking forward to a more fruitful 2006. I hope God will continue to shower his blessings to me and to my family. Thank you Lord for 2005!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Friendster Survey #13

1. Christmas is coming! Where will you spend it?
= in Helsinki... unfortunately alone and away from my family for a change

2. When will you paint your nails blue?
= when I learn to stop biting on my nails

3. You gotta have a crush. What's the name?
= clark kent... tom welling

4. Have you watched Harry Potter's latest movie?
= of course

5. You have a God forbidden acne right on your nose! What do you do now?
= go to my derma

6. Are you pregnant?
= i wish!

7. What OPM Band do you absolutely abhor?
= hmmmm.... im not so familiar with who's popular in manila these days

8. How do you find your Dad?
= hardworking, has an unbelievable amount of patience that I definitely did not inherit

9. How do you find your Mum?
= cool mom but I think im more mom-like to my siblings than to my mom

10. Let me guess, your dream job is to be a Rallyist.
= never!

11. Does your name have a "Q" in it?
= nope

12. Have you ever sneaked out of your house?
= nope

13. Are you keeping a Diary?
= yup. this blog and an old handwritten diary when i was younger

14. Where do you keep your shoes?
= under my bed... tons of it!

15. What kinds of shoes do you usually wear?
= killer pointed shoes, walking shoes, sandals, loafers... i think i have all sorts of shoes except for wedge that you wouldnt see me wear!

16. Hate Saturdays? What is your usual Saturday?
= i like saturdays. saturday is rest day for me. back in manila, i spend it mostly in bed (hehe) but here in helsinki I am in the malls

18. Bands you are very interested to hear out?
= none

19. Have you been watching a movie a few times but you havent finished it completely though you know it's a nice film?
= eternal sunshine of the spotless mind... i know it's a good movie but i fall asleep everytime i watch it

20. Done with the nonsense. Will you marry me?
= nope. i think i know whom i want to marry