Monday, February 27, 2006

I wish there are 25 hours a day

I finally have dsl at home! yehey! after a long time of researching which dsl provider is better, I finally decided to get a smart wifi dsl connection at home. I realized I spend too much time inside the office that I barely spend time at home. At least now I can continue my work from home. Probably not the best idea, but then at least I can stop working when I want to. On the contrary, I can always work when I want to. hahaha.

Last week I had a project management training with SQME. After more than a year of waiting and rescheduling of this training, I was able to attend one. I have been doing project management stint for the the last 3 months although I havent gotten any formal training. this was the first training I attended while in this company. I can say that I have shorter attention span. hayyy... i must have gotten tired of listening to other people doing the talking.

Ive been in so much hell at work and all I can wish is to have a good rest/vacation again. I dont know when and how that can be arranged but pretty soon I'll break down due to over work and stress.

If I could just have 25 hours a day, I would spend the additional 1 hour with my loved ones while relaxing and putting aside all the things that worry me.

Friday, February 03, 2006

My Social Life Does Not Exist

I arrived manila 2 weeks ago but I havent had time to blog.

My 1st week in manila was spent on a vacation at Punta Fuego. Although im not much of a beach fan, I love nature tripping. View in fuego is spectacular. I would love to own a beach house there someday. There's a mix of mountain and beach view. Air is fresh and best of all, it is away from the hustle and bustle of city life. A rest house is something nice to have there but I dont think I can live there for good. I enjoy the times when I am away from civilization but I dont think I can survive having no internet, no cable television and no cellphone signal.

The following week I was back at work. As much as I want to still be on-vacation mode, I cant afford to. My project is now two weeks delayed and I am catching up. I have to because I dont have a choice. I need to deliver this project next week and start with the next one immediately. I think being overworked in Finland is more worth it than being overworked here in manila. Hayyy... I hope my boss gives me a raise soon!

One of our senior java consultants filed his resignation awhile ago. :( We are only 4 senior java consultants left. My boss resigned 2 weeks ago and he is turning over some of his projects to me. Another one of our seniors will be resigning in 2 weeks because he is getting married and will migrate to the US soon. So the headcount goes down to 3 senior java consultants. I wonder how we will be able to manage all the java projects of my company. The java dream team has finally disbanded. i will miss my teammates. i'll really miss working with you all.

Big boss spoke to me awhile ago. He told me about the L1 offer of our company. I still havent decided if I am going to take his offer. I am still waiting for a written offer coming from my company stating the terms and conditions of my L1, my new salary with computations for taxes, benefits that i will be getting, etc. I still have a lot of unanswered questions.

I am hoping for better days ahead of me at work. It's just been a couple of weeks since I got back and Im already too drained to continue working on my project. Hayyy...