Monday, April 24, 2006

Manila for a week

Hello. I am back in Manila. I arrived last Saturday... still suffering from jetlag. I am also suffering from extreme lower backpains. If you're asking why, I just tried to smuggle 3 Dell laptops to Manila. I had to put 2 laptops in my backpack and 1 laptop in my trolley. Helsinki airport does not usually weigh laptop bags that's why i tried to put 2 laptops inside my backpack so as to avoid getting overweight. hayy... Oh well, the laptops made it in one piece to my office last saturday. Whew!

I will be here for more than a week only. I am going back to Finland next week for a new project. Also, Im flying to cebu tomorrow for my vacation. Yehey! Finally!

Anyway, I need to start packing now. Cebu here I come!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I am in Helsinki again!

It's been a long time since I updated my blog with something besides answering friendster surveys. Hehe.

I am back here in Helsinki. Been here since last, last weekend (April 1). Good thing is that I will only be here for less than 3 weeks. Yipee! I really want to go home na because I think I badly need a vacation. I've been in a stressful project for the past 6 months. I think my vacation last January wasnt enough because when I got back from that vacation, my work got piled up and had to work overtime just to compensate for the 1wk vacation I took last January. Although my current project here in Helsinki doesnt require much work from me, I am currently involved in closing a P.O. for 2 more nokia projects. Even if im not the project manager anymore, my boss still assigned me to do some PM stuff for these 2 projects. It kinda sucks because I was so looking forward to a relaxed 3-weeks stay here but unfortunately, Im getting nailed by the client because of the too many documents they're expecting us to prepare which unfortunately, I am the only one who's working on it. Oh well... must have been in my job description that I failed to clear with my boss. Enough with my work bashing.. hehe.

Updates about me... I got a job offer from a UN arm in Manila. Very tempting offer i might say. Actually, im thinking about taking it. But then 90% of the people I asked for opinion about my dilemma told me to stay in my current job and take the L1 transfer to our US office in my current company. I am thinking about it very hard because I know these are opportunities that come only once in a lifetime. I am so lucky to get these kinds of offers. I am very thankful that the one up there never fails to shower me with these blessings. I will update you which offer I will take.

Punzi, my former officemate, Helsinki flatmate, cubemate, Friday night gimik buddy, left for the US a week ago. He migrated to Chicago with his wife (Congratulations again!). Im sorry for not being able to attend your despedida party because im here. I had a great time during your wedding last march 25. I wish you all the luck and I hope to see you soon! Will definitely be visiting you in Chicago when I get there. We will surely miss you.

My cousin, karen, and i are ok na after so many months of not speaking to each other. Actually, we've been ok since last month pa. I just didnt have time to update my blog. hehe. She's the one who got pregnant by this cebu a**hole. Anyway, her baby is soooooo cute. His name is kyle luis. Named after my ex and my ex's cousin... haha. He is so adorable! I cant wait to be home and see her kid again. Btw, my cousin is currently working and residing in cebu. Nope.. not because she's asking for financial support for her kid! That'll never happen! She's there because she wanted to start a new life away from all the gossips and back-stabbing in Manila. I wish her the best of luck for the renewed life she wanted to build.

I am flying to Cebu on the 25th of April. I will be having a 1 week vacation and I opted to spend 3 days in cebu. My cousin requested that I come there to visit her. I was actually planning to see Madrid but then malakas talaga cousin ko sa akin e. Hehe. I bought my ticket already so there's no more cancelling now.

Ive been communicating with the architect's cousin for the past months. I am glad that we have been able to patch things up and we just both wanted to move on. I guess after the incident with the architect, I have actually found a friend in his cousin. I really do hope that this is a good start of a renewed friendship with the architect's family.

Til here for now. Will be going home early today because i lack sleep and would need some rest.