Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Continuation of our Helsinki Adventure

More adventures with officemates...

Saturday, May 13, 2006

(Mis)Adventures in Helsinki

My helsinki adventure with my officemates. Hahaha.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Second week and counting

This is my 2nd week here in helsinki. Honestly, I am so unprepared when I went here. I dont even know what I am supposed to do here. Hahaha. It's my 2nd week but im still too lazy to work. Hayyy.

HH is confined in the hospital. He's feeling so weak and that he can't move his legs. Im really worried about his condition. I hope he'll be fine. I want to go home! Waaaa!

Mom was rushed to the ER last week due to heatstroke. So it was really that hot in manila?! Im really glad that she's ok now. I hope nobody in my family gets sick again especially when im miles away from them!

For a change, my development team is here in Helsinki. There are 4 of us pinoys here. Finally I have companions! My boss is flying here next week. Party every night again!

Im so tired! =(

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Summer in Helsinki - - - Three Years in a Row

Im in helsinki again. I spent the shortest 1 week in Manila last week. Hayy... I miss being home. I miss my bed. I miss my family. I miss going out after work. I miss watching movies. Waaaaa!!! I just realized I didnt have a life for the last 6 months and I tried to catch-up the life that I missed during the last 2.5days I spent in Cebu! Goodness! I'm such a workaholic! Sometimes I just wish that I didnt have this much responsibility so that I can take a week away from work just like that without thinking of the people who depend on me. I wish my life was less complicated. But then again, when im not doing anything, I get bored. Hahaha.

Before I left Manila last Monday, I met up with the architect's cousin (again!), Louise, in Manila. She arrived in Manila last Monday and I promised to meet up with her before I leave for Finland. Apparently, she's also scheduled to leave for the US for good next, next week. So our meeting last monday might be the last time ill be spending with her in Manila. I am glad that we were able to be ok before we part ways. I know the architect will be happy knowing that the people he left are now in good terms with each other. It must have been hard for him when he passed away that there was so much hatred in the hearts of the people close to him. I guess now, he will be feeling better.

Right before I left Cebu, I told Louise that I had a very good time during my vacation there. Could have been the best if the architect was still there to spend time with me. Hahaha. It's been a very, very long time since I experienced going home early morning (as in 9AM) because I was in a gimik. The last time was probably 5 years ago during college days when I used to cut classes and make some excuse to my parents to allow me to stay overnight in a classmates house. For the past years, the only reason why I go home at 9AM was because I had to stay in the office to work. Hahaha. Im just glad that after a long time, the monotony in my life was broken even for just a very short time.

More updates... I saw my doctor last week and had ultrasound again to check my lonely left ovary. I got my ultrasound results immediately but then my doctor had to leave early due to an emergency operation. The other day, I called my doctor and asked her to interpret my lab results. She told me that I need to undergo a minor procedure when I get back to Manila next month. She's suspecting another problem with my reproductive organ. Hayyy... For the meantime, she asked me to take some medications. Mom is shipping my medications via my officemate who is flying here during the weekend. I hate taking medicines because it makes me fat! Must be the side-effect of the medications that I need to take (papalusot pa e! malakas lang kumain!).

Last weekend, while having dinner with pops and mom in a resto, pops told me that I should have a baby na daw BUT i shouldnt get married yet. WHOA! Talk about liberated parents?! My parents know about my health condition and they're sort of worried that they might not be able to have an apo with me that's why they gave me their blessings to be a disgrasyada! Hahaha. I was even the one who was against the idea of me getting pregnant soon. Pressure! Pressure!

That's it for now. I'm pretty tired!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

April Vacation in Cebu

Here is a quick overview of the things i did in cebu last week. Sorry for the late post because i was extremely busy last week juggling work, vacation and quality time with my loved ones.

Morning of 25 April 2006, I went to the Java in Manila Seminar. I had to go there because I already bought a ticket although it will be reimbursed by my employer, I would really do anything just to get away from work. Hahaha.

Day 1 - 25 April 2006:
I was at the domestic airport waiting for my flight around 4PM. My f***ing cebu pacific flight was delayed. I was too early for my flight because my mom kept calling me to be at the airport 3hrs before my flight. I had to endure more than 3hrs of boredom. Good thing i have my ipod and laptop to keep me busy. Plane arrived cebu around 9PM. My cousin Karen and an old friend Louise picked me up.

Yup... Louise as in the cousin of the late architect. She promised to pick me up at the airport and she also arranged for my accommodations at Golden Peak Hotel.

From the Mactan airport, we went straight to my cousin's office to drop her off. She's on nightshift working at a call center in cebu business park. We then headed to my hotel to check-in. I just dropped my stuff in my room and then left again to pick up Louise's friend Idal somewhere near my lola's place in pardo. We went to this bar near waterfront, i forgot the name of the bar because it's a visayan word that's not so familiar to me. I think it's beside sunflower village... not so sure about the name of the place either. hehe. Place was full of kids. Haha. I mean, they're definitely way younger than us. Early start mga kids sa cebu. Gimikero na agad at an early age. I just had a bottle of smirnoff ice while my companions both got a bottle of red horse each. wow! lakas uminom! I cant compete with them coz I'll be drunk after my 1st bottle. hehe. After the long chismisan at the bar, we sent Idal home. Louise and I went back to my cousin's office to have dinner with her at 2AM. We ate at the Breakfast Club and then sent my cousin back to her office. We promised my cousin that we would wait for her until she gets off from work which is around 6AM. Louise and I stayed at the BigBucks coffeeshop in the city. It's so funny coz the logo and the style looks exactly like Starbucks.

Louise and I had a very long talk about our lives, what happened to me and to the architect, why those things happened, funny memories of him, etc. It was good that I can talk to somebody about the architect. I have promised myself to forget him that's why I dont talk about him anymore.. not even here in my blog. Anyway, the conversation was very interesting. We just laughed about all the stupid things we've done.

Picked up my cousin at 6AM from her office. We went to some cebu cemetery... I forgot the name (due to lack of sleep!) to visit the architect. I felt good after visiting him and paid my last respects to him. I should have done this a long time ago!

We went straight to my hotel and I fell asleep at 8AM.

Day 2 - 26 April 2006:
I woke up at 10AM. For some reason I wasnt able to sleep. Maybe because of the hangover from the visit to the architect the same morning. Or maybe because I smoked more than 1 pack of cigarette the previous day?! Hmmm...

At 12noon I met up with John and had lunch at Cafe Havana in Ayala. Thank you again John for the great lunch! I really enjoyed conversing with you. Sayang I forgot to take our picture, wala tuloy proof that I did met up with you. Hahaha. I hope to see you again soon.

Spent the whole afternoon at Ayala doing window shopping. Wala ako na-shopping coz walang sale! Im such a cheapskate! Hahaha.

Louise went to my hotel early evening to have dinner with me and my cousin. She brought me to a place called Moon Cafe(?). Again, im not sure about the name of the place. It's just like a house that was turned into a resto. It's even located in a residential area! Food was great! I hope they put up a branch in Manila. Haha. As if! We went straight to AutoBox (sure na ko with the name!) to have a couple of drinks. We played billiards over some drinks and as usual, chismisan. Hehehe. Went home around 2AM. I went straight to bed!

Day 3 - 27 April 2006:
My cousin woke me up at 9AM. We went to Ayala after having breakfast at my hotel. We spent the day shopping for her kid's pasalubong that ill be bringing home. After which our uncle picked us up from Ayala to go to our lola's house in Pardo. I did some shopping in my uncle's stocks for ebay. I think I got overwhelmed by the prices of his goods coz I ended up buying around $450 worth of stuff after 3hours. hahaha. talk about speed shopping! At 8PM we went out again to drop off my cousin to her office and then wait for my flight. As always, my flight was delayed again! To kill time, my uncle and I went to BigBucks Coffeeshop. I love their coffee! Tasted better than Starbucks! hahaha.

My uncle brought me to the airport around 10:30PM. My flight departed from Cebu around past 11PM. I arrived Manila past midnight. HH picked me up.

That was my quick cebu trip last week. It was really bitin! I would want to stay longer but my boss kept calling me to go back to office on Friday. Food and gimik in cebu is a lot cheaper than manila's. I only spent half of my expected budget for my trip! It was definitely well worth it. I hope to do it again some time soon. =)