Friday, August 25, 2006

Executive Visit to Helsinki

It's my last day in Helsinki again. I was only here for a less than a week. 4 days to be exact. As opposed to being called a jetsetter, let me tell you that this is the most tiring trip I ever had! Imagine 16hours of flight from Manila to Helsinki and another 16hours going back. My back certainly did not enjoy the 16hours and absolutely will not enjoy another 16hours sitting inside the plane... even if it was in business class.

On my flight coming here, Pheng (my officemate) and I were upgraded to business class. Hehe. Instead of sleeping, I spent my flight time watching movies in my own lcd and got massages from my reclinable plane seat with massager. Hehe. Yabang! To top it all up, I am now a gold elite card holder of flying blue. Hehe. I got that much flights this year. This is my 4th flight here this year.

Why was I here again? Pheng and I accompanied our boss Victor to an executive visit. Feeling executive! Haha. We had a meeting with the bosses of a department in Nokia whom we work for. These are the people who give us projects here. As usual, our boss said too much b**llsh*t and did some ass kissing to these clients. Oh well... the price he had to pay to get these projects. Why was I so excited of this trip? Main reason was that my crush in Nokia is an attendee of the meeting. Hehe. It's not so often that I get to have crushes. For one thing, it's not normal for me to like Finns. :D I have all the reasons to have a crush on him because...

1. He is a service manager for one of the internal applications of Nokia which is being used in all Nokia offices around the globe.
2. He is damn good looking and absolutely gorgeous! He actually looks like Russell Crowe Finnish version. :D Blue eyes, tall, white (of course!), has this sexy beard, dresses really good.
3. He's so smart and level headed especially when there are problems with our projects.
4. He's fun to be with! Never failed to make us laugh during meetings.
5. He is 30 something. Older men are getting sexy these days. Haha.

Oh well. I can't wait for my next deployment here. Haha. If i'll be working with him in my next projects, I really wouldn't mind staying here in Helsinki for 3 straight months for as long as I can see him everyday. Hehe. Sorry HH, but if this guy asks me out, I won't even think about it and just say yes. Hahaha.

Anyway, going back to the reason why im here... After the 4hour long meeting in Nokia House in Espoo, we invited the same guys for a dinner at one of the fancy resto's in the city center called Macu. It's in the ground floor of Crowne Plaza Hotel in Helsinki. Of course my crush was still there. Damn he's really goodlooking! Dinner ended around 10PM (which by the way started at 6:30PM).

During the course of discussion, there were many things that we found out about Nokia as a company and how it is moving forward to the future. There've been good and not so good news for us with regards to our consulting business with them. I don't think it's good to give out any information regarding our meeting. It's supposed to be confidential. Hehe.

I'm leaving in a few hours so I need to pack my stuff. Will be in Amsterdam tomorrow for a couple of hours before flying back to Manila

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Experimenting with

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Monday, August 07, 2006

Where you gonna run to?

It's been a while since I did a decent blog. My work is consuming most of my time lately... as usual! Workaholic mode once again. July was a "rest" month for me. Picture this... I answer approximately 30 emails a day, attend meetings twice a week, go home around 7PM. That is the definition of "rest" month for me. Hmmm... quite satisfactory in my work-a-holic meter.

Few updates about my life... Let's see... It's HH's birthday yesterday. We had a dinner with his family last Sunday at their house. Of course everything was cooked by my chef bf with a little help from me. When I say little, I almost lost a chunk of my pointer finger, dozens of chipped nails and bruises on my hands. Hehe. I'm not so good with knives you know! Another birthday dinner for him yesterday at Kimpura with his mom. Happy birthday Jayjay!

I splurged a bit on new mattress, pillows and beddings. My bed is really missing me a lot since I've been spending so much time in our sala working. Oh my god! the feeling is mutual... I miss my bed too!

Will be leaving for Helsinki in 2 weeks. If you guys need something from europe (specifically Finland and Amsterdam) and it's not too much of a burden to carry, just leave me a message, i might be able to bring it home for you.

Time's up! I need to sleep now. til my next decent blog... =)