Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Forgive My Bragging

I have been working for this company for more than 3 years now. Sometimes I still wonder why I stayed this long here considering I have been offered better paying jobs in other companies. I have turned down several good companies including that UN job! (I know im such an ass to turn down a non-taxable paying job in UN plus diplomatic immunity!) I have tried several times to check out my marketability in the IT industry (aka applied for other jobs) but nothing seemed to ever compare to the kind of job I have now. Inspite of my complaints with my job, I honestly love it. Here are some reasons why I am still in this company:

- I get to choose most of my projects. Hehe. Of course, being able to do this came with seniority in the company and being an organizational savvy. Hehe. With great power, comes great responsibility. Who said you can't capitalize this power at your advantage? Haha.

- 99% of my projects are offshore. My client/s are in Europe, specifically Finland. Which by the way adds 1,000,000 pogi points in my resume. Haha.

- I have veto powers over my projects. I am the Project Manager in all of my projects since late last year. I make decisions and of course I am responsible for them. If the project fails, I go down with the project which luckily never happened to me.

- My Company recognizes performers and those who take an extra mile in their work. Instead of penalizing those who fail to meet expectations, the company gives bonuses/raise to those who perform. Which includes (Ahem!) me. Haha.

- I have seen how I grew in this company. I started out as Junior developer 3years ago. I am now a Senior Java Developer and doing Project Management tasks.

- I don't think I will ever enjoy any other job than consulting. Software developer is not synonymous to being an IT Consultant. For one, consultants do client engagement. We get to have a "say" in the decision making of the client. We don't only develop softwares but we study their system, suggest better infrastructures, help them build their backbone. It is challenging when your client asks you for some technology you're not familiar with. They pay big amount of money to hire "Experts". Yes, that's what we are... "Experts". Hehehe.

- As opposed to my claim that I have a boring job... most of my colleagues find it challenging. Challenging in the sense that learning a new technology in a short span of time and pretend to be an "expert" after a week is challenging. Part of the challenge is pleasing clients. I get to say all those b*llsh*ts that I learned from my boss. Hahaha.

- Being a project manager and consultant allows me to see highly confidential documents between my company and our client. This means I know how much my company is earning from my project. I know how much my company charges the client for my service. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment knowing that I am income generating and that I am billable at a high rate.

- Part of the perks of having offshore projects is the ability to travel. I am lucky because my projects are in Finland which is a European Union member country. With the kind of visa that Finnish embassy issued to me, I can visit all 25 EU member countries. (will be 27 countries come January 2007) I have only been to 5 EU countries. 20 more to go!

- I think I have mentioned in one of my past entries about the inter-company transfer that my company offers to those rightful candidates. My company has a main branch in the US. There is this new program here that offers L1 visa's to work in the US branch of our office. My boss' target is to send one consultant each quarter. I will be transferring to our US office next year.

Being in IT is a no-closure-at-the-end-of-the-day kind of job. I have spent sleepless nights thinking about my unfinished work and bad project decisions. There were times that I wished I could have a physical kind of job where in I will barely use my brain to solve geek problems.

IT world in Manila is so small that most of us know each other out here especially those Consulting based IT companies. Some IT consultants hop from one company to the other to be offered higher salaries. (It does work, believe me!) More than the high salary, for me, what matters is that I enjoy what I do. I reached a stage wherein I am not only concerned about my paycheck, but most importantly, the contribution I can do to help the company grow. I share this same passion with my colleagues working for this company I am currently employed at. We work hard, we play harder. Each day that I complain about my work just means there is something that the company can still improve on. Seeing my juniors working as hard as I am tells me that there is a good future in this company.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

I Have A Boring Life

I am back in Manila. Again!

Flying back and forth Manila and Helsinki has burned me out. I am at home and wasn't able to wake up early this morning to go to work. I was too tired to get my ass off of my bed. Hehe.

Some updates on my life:

...I was expecting a more challenging trip in Helsinki. The reason why I was sent there was because of some problems with one of our projects. However, when I got there, it didn't seemed to be much of an issue to our client. Might be because the person involved was working remote and was barely visible in the office. Anyway, I hope everything's all better.

...My mom is scheduled to undergo surgery in 2 weeks. Our annoying HMO has finally agreed to cover the expenses. I am praying that everything goes well.

...I swore I will never buy 3G phones which are as big as bricks unless otherwise, it's a communicator. However, the other day while I was browsing through Nokia site, I saw this Nokia6233 phone. It is the smallest 3G phone that Nokia has released as of current time. While strolling the Podium yesterday with HH, we saw this 6233 phone model in the Nokia shop and it was not as expensive as the other Nokia 3G phones. I am eyeing to buy this phone in the next few weeks.

As always, I still have my safe, monotonous, boring life. Safe is good right?

Monday, September 18, 2006

I prayed too hard

I must have prayed too hard to see my Nokian crush again... Guess what?! I'm back in Helsinki. =(

I wasn't prepared to leave last saturday. My boss told me that he will send me back here just last wednesday. By Saturday, I just found myself at the airport waiting for my flight. This is one of the disadvantages of being in IT... if you must go, you have no choice but to go. Oh well, in the brighter side, at least I will have extra money to buy myself a new phone when I get back. Hahaha.

I was the only person in the office who had a valid visa to come here and that my boss trusted who wouldn't do anything stupid to annoy our client. Hehe. I am actually here to put off fire in one of our projects. It's NOT one of my super projects by the way. It's a project managed by my team lead. My hell week has just started. Day one went ok. Another hell day tomorrow for me.