Monday, November 20, 2006

Few updates

Finally! I have fixed my network here at home. I bought a router after 9months of promising to buy one. This means I can work on my laptop (and have access to the internet) while lying down on my bed. I'm not sure though if this is a good idea coz for the last 2days, i've fallen asleep on top of my laptop while watching clips at youtube. Haha.

Funny when my boss thanked me in one of his emails for doing a review of a company guideline document on Incentive Opportunity. He said that he wanted to thank me for volunteering to do the review when in fact he was the one who assigned the task to me and I just couldn't say no coz I love my job. Haha. To top it all, he even asked me to organize a meeting at 9am tomorrow. Grrr! It's a very early morning meeting for me. My braincells only start functioning after 10am. I'm starting to think that I'm his favorite employee to slavedrive.

I can now feel the lie low of projects in Helsinki. My client has not been pestering me for the last 7days. That's quite a record because for the last year, I get 30+ emails a day from them.

Hmmm... I think I have not mentioned the merger between Nokia and Siemens. They're building a new company named Nokia Siemens Networks. I don't know why they are merging with this German company when they have been rivals on sales for the last how many years. Some of the Nokians I know are getting transferred to this new company. The base of this new company will be in Espoo,Finland, in one of the older Nokia campuses. I'm surprised they didn't choose Germany to be the home base. There's been restructuring inside Nokia and most, if not all, projects have been put on hold because of this. I just hope that after this new company gets settled, we can get more projects from them. But the greatest news is that my Nokian crush will stay with Nokia. Hehe.

Maybe God is punishing me for my sins. I was out of the office last friday to see my doctors. Yep... plural! I saw my OB and she told me that my ultrasound (fyi, ultrasound is not only for pregnant women!) showed that my other ovary is not polycystic anymore. However, when I saw my opthalmologist, she told me that I have a cyst in my left eye. Oh well... when will these sicknesses come to an end. One part of my body gets well and another gets sick to replace it. Hahayy... I am looking for a another good opthalmologist to get a second opinion if this thing in my eye needs to be removed soon.

Waiting for that 13th month and bonus to buy the business phone I've been eyeing for the last few weeks.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Wishlist for a Twenty-Something

It's the time of the year when you feel you're not getting any younger. Instead of anticipating a birthday, I suddenly felt I'm getting old and I have not accomplished even half of my I-Will-Have-This-And-Will-Have-Done-That-By-25 list. Yes, I made a list 5 years ago.

Ok, ok... instead of being depressed about how not so young im getting, might as well post my wishlist. Hehe.

1. Long vacation abroad. A plane ticket to Singapore, Bangkok or KL would suffice.
2. White Lacoste Intrigue sneakers size 38
3. A kick-ass Dior/Kate Spade/Dolce handbag
4. A new check-in luggage. Hardcase and very sturdy please! My luggage is almost giving up from the heartless airport crews who kept throwing them without realizing how expensive luggages are!
5. DKNY Be Delicious perfume

There goes the materialistic me. Hehe.