Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cleaning up

Many things have been happening that I didn't have time to blog until now. Been working extended hours even on weekends the past 3weeks due to our local project. Average working hours per day... 13hours. And by working hours I mean productive hours: no surfing, no chatting, no blogging.hehe. This is the only weekend of january that I am not in the office. UN project, Nokia project and another US project non-stop for the past weeks. Whew! I wish this weekend break lasts for a month...

My balikbayan uncle is back from sinulog. I missed it again! My sister's also back from her cebu-bohol vacation. I wish I joined her. I know I deserved it more.

Continuously talking to our US office secretary because of my visa application papers. Yep, I am still leaving after delaying it for more than a year.

Ive never loved my ipod video more than now. Been watching smallville season 6 in my ipod on my way to office and home. I love Justin Hartley aka Oliver Queen/Green Arrow. He's my new crush. Haha. I especially love episode 11 where Justice League was featured. I could watch it over and over without getting tired of it. Currently downloading episode 12.

Darn! he's so sexy. God why do you keep creating people like this?

I spent my day cleaning up my closet and getting rid of old clothes I no longer wear (or should I say could not fit me anymore because of my ballooning weight!). My maid was always the happiest whenever I get rid of my old stuff because she's the first one to screen all of my stuff for her "recycling". I still feel bad about getting rid of a lot of my shoes. =( Mom wasn't too happy to see tons of shoes that I barely wore. she even scolded me and said I should no longer buy any shoe for this year. Duh?! January is just about to end, 11 months of no new shoes?! I wonder if I can do that.

My cleaning up is also part of this "leaving soon" thing. Mom asked me to keep only those stuff I will use or stuff that I will bring with me when I leave. Seems like she's sending signs that I should leave soon! No more delaying.

Just when we were all ready to let the Nokia account go, some new and exciting progress happens. A Nokian is visiting us (my manila office) next month. Nevermind who he is because we never had good relationship with him especially when I was thrown to Helsinki to clean up a mess. Anyway, last news was that he's coming over to propose a business with us and evaluate our capability to deliver. I was pessimistic about his coming to manila when I heard it the first time. There's just been to many problems with our projects with Nokia, not our fault totally. And a Nokian travelling a great distance (16hrs flight with stopover and change plane so make it 24hrs) to Manila inspite of the travel advisory for no good reason is disturbing. Btw, he's only spending a day in Manila. Imagine that! He will be spending more time in the plane than in Manila. Who in the f**k*** right mind will do that for no reason at all?! I just hope everything goes well. My boss already told me to be in the office on that day when he arrives.

Will be spending a day in Tagaytay tomorrow. Yehey!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I will do this before 2007 ends...

Here is my list:

1. Spend a vacation in Spain. Viva Espana!
2. Get certified. For the Nth time I'm putting this on my list.
3. Migrate to some other country.
4. Have my own car and probably start paying for my own house.
5. Learn how to drive! (This should be on the top priority!)
6. See Finland again. (I can't believe I wrote this)
7. Convince HH to follow me to the US before the year ends. (If he doesnt budge, I will do it by force. haha)
8. Get a new phone. My 6230 is pleading for a rest.
9. Give more to charity.
10. Live a healthy lifestyle. (Fine! it includes quitting smoking.)

On the things I want

Helsinki and I share this love-hate relationship. When I am there, I start counting how many more days I needed to survive being there. When I am here in Manila, I curse the heat and wish I were in Helsinki. Although it's not the best time of the year to be there now, I hate to admit it but I miss being there. Helsinki is the place where I can relax (with all that work, who said so?!) and meditate (because I don't have a social life there! Haha). That place will always have a special place in my heart inspite of all the special occassions I've missed in the Philippines because of being deployed there. I mean, it's not Helsinki's fault that I have a project there right? For the greater part of me, I still like being in one of the safest countries in the world.

I think it's human nature to want something you can't have... Or maybe something that takes lots of efforts to have. And sometimes, the more you want it, the more it becomes elusive.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Princess Hours

Attempting to relax after a long day's work. Things in the office aren't going as smoothly as I wanted 2007 will be. It's a bad start if I may say. I hope things get better soon.

It's been two weeks now that we have this shitty connection in the office. It's really ticking me off. We went to Starbucks yesterday just to have access to fast (and free!) internet. Pathetic eh? Tomorrow I will work remotely from home just to be able to connect to Nokia network. Yep... you heard it right. I have some minor work to finish for Nokia.

I hate PAL's online ticketing. It's been 4days since I bought a plane ticket online in their website but until now I haven't received their e-ticket. Online booking is supposedly convenient for people like me who don't have time to go to their office but they are actually wasting my time following-up from them to send me the e-ticket. I have sent my 4th email follow-up and made several calls this afternoon to their customer service. As of midnight today, no signs of an e-ticket. Grrrrr.

Currently marathoning Princess Hours. I'm a big fan. Hehe.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Busy January

Was up the whole night yesterday until lunch time due to a presentation for a local client. I didn't even have energy to take a bath to go to the office today. Currently watching dvds to fall asleep.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007 First Post

Things have become more hectic the past few days. I am officially part of the delivery team of a local project because it's sort of delayed and would need more developers to finish the deliverables. Hahayyy..

New year... new callingcard, new planner, new VOIP phone. New stuff kept coming in including new problems, new enemies, new vices. Hehe.

After a month of drowning myself with Starbucks coffee, I finally got my Starbucks 2007 Planner. Wooohooo!!! I think I won't be drinking starbucks for the next few months. There were times that I consumed two tall frappes a day. It was literally a caffeine overdose. No wonder I have been suffering from insomnia lately! Thank you HH, Roselyn and Mike for drinking my yucky Christmas special coffee. I persuaded them to drink Peppermint Mocha and Gingerbread frappes just to get those stickers for my planner. I hate Starbucks' christmas special drinks. Peppermint mocha was hot after it touched my lips but became cold after swallowing it. Yuck! Gingerbread tasted like medicine. Ewww. Toffee Nut, on the otherhand, is tolerable though it was out-of-stock in almost all Starbucks branches. This might be the last time I will force myself to drink their "specials". I am contented with the regular Mocha Frappe and Chocolate Cream Frappe. Still, I am happy that I got my planner. :) Time to plan my life again!

I've been smoking quite a lot lately. I gave up on quiting smoking. I attempted to quit a few months back but when I had my taste of nicotine again, I just can't stop. No regrets.

The earthquake in Taiwan caused our shitty internet connection here in the office. Imagine a whole day without emails and barely able to browse any website. It's that shitty! This is the second week now. I wonder where our backup dedicated connection went. Our IT support will have to deal with my cursing for this shitty connection.

Btw, I am still in the office.