Friday, March 30, 2007

Some of the best things in life

Welcome back to me! After 3 weeks in geek-mode, my project's phase 1 is finally over. Woohoo! I've been attempting to post something the past 3 weeks but my brain was already too tired by the time I reach home and attempt to blog. At long last!

What happens when you get to have the best things in life in one day? For me, it's a stomachache caused by indigestion. Hehe. HH and I went to our 2nd Friday of great food finds in manila. We're both such a cheapo when it comes to food. As long as it tastes good, no matter if it's streetfood or carinderia food, we will eat it.

We had dinner at Som's Noodle House in Makati. Their signboard said that they serve authentic Thai cuisine. They didn't fail us. In fact, that carinderia style food stall served really good food. We enjoyed our tom yum, mixed noodle soup, lumpia, green curry chicken and thai tea. Imagine, I drank tea! The coffee addict drank tea! Haha. The alfresco dining experience was almost good except for the long wait to get to our seats because of the long line of diners (most of whom are sosyal makati dwellers, mind you) and the long wait to get our bill because of the missing cashier who doubles up as waitress. Wallet damage... surprisingly less than 500pesos for 2 persons with huge appetites. May take-out pang 2 bottles of thai tea. Haha.

So, is the coffee addict now a tea convert? Ummm... not quite! Not unless all tea that I will be drinking will taste like thai tea from Som's or Green tea frappe from Starbucks or Green tea ice cream of FIC or matcha green tea from Kohikan or my generic Nestea lemon iced tea. Hehe.

After having dinner at Som's, I was craving for something sweet. For the life of me, since I only get to go out once a week (sometimes not even!) I convinced HH to take me to this coffeeshop in Timog, Kopi Roti. I've read too many blogs raving about the kopi bun. Guess what, after my first bite, I couldn't resist to take another one. I ate (or should I say sniffed?) the whole bun in less than 3minutes. It didn't even reached the car! Haha. It was so good especially the soft & hollow part in the middle of the bun. Yummy! Coffee was also good but I still like my freshly brewed starbucks coffee.

HH and I are true blue gluttons. Always eating like there's no tomorrow. I believe that the good things in life are better shared with people who matters to you.

Monday, March 12, 2007

To my bosses

After a refreshing break from my work last week, I am back to normal. As if the tension and frustrations were not enough the past months that when I got back, I received more bad news. My immediate superior officially tendered his resignation effective April 30. We usually require 60days notice for managers when they resign.

About the same time last year, my former boss, Jaime, also resigned. Then after a year, it's now Roldz who resigned. Being in the corporate world, one has to learn how to survive and the way to do it is to have allies who will back you up all the time and your immediate superior should belong to that group. I once said to a friend that it is your boss' responsibility to defend you and if he does not believe you are right given all the facts, then who else in the company can you trust? More often, the very reason why you stay in a company is because you are treated well by your manager. The same way, they are also the usual reason why you leave a company. It is in your manager's hands if you get a raise, or a promotion, or a merit. It is also in his hands if you get a failing evaluation or a termination.

Building a good relationship with your boss does not mean kissing his ass. Good bosses would know good employees who perform well. I know I am very lucky to have had such great managers in this company. Jaime and Roldz were really good managers. Outside of our team, we were good friends and dining-out/drinking buddies. Inside the office, we were professionals with the way we work, deal with crises, solve problems. Work is work. They stood by our team when there were problems with the project. They never left the team without a fight.

Jaime told me before that a good boss would never prevent his subordinates from taking better opportunities. A good boss should encourage his subordinates to find better opportunities may it be inside the company or outside of it. He should not hinder them from growing even if it means losing good people in your team. I just feel bad because I didn't have any other reason to make Jaime nor Roldz stay except for my countinuous trust and believing in their capabilities to manage me. I know they will find(or probably had) greener pasteurs outside of this company. I will always look up to them as my seniors and mentors.

Cheers to a good life outside of this company! Goodluck to all of us.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Day 2 of My Vacation

After 2 years of wearing my hair long, I finally decided to cut it off quite short. Went to HH's salon in greenhills awhile ago and had a haircut and cellophane. This vacation is really more about pampering myself and trying to relax before my next battle begins. My idea of a real vacation is actually spending more time in bed, sleeping. Hehe.

Big boss officially announced the start of the big project with the non-profit org. Remember that kick-ass job with a UN org that I turned down? Yep, that's the same one and they are our client. Bad news is that big boss will be the project manager... I should really be having second thoughts of joining his team. As per track record, most of the projects that he headed ended up either losing the project or mass resignation of the project team because of him. I have to admit he is a difficult boss. It will definitely take more than a cartwheel and a double backflip to please him.

HH and I are going to Tagaytay tomorrow. Yehey! Tagaytay again because Punta Fuego in Batangas is fully booked. Seems like Manileños think alike in taking a vacation this early March.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I am on Vacation

I went to my dentist awhile ago. Had my annual prophylaxis and lots of dental fillings. Thank God I didn't have any tooth to be extracted.

Actually, I am on vacation. I decided to take a few days off from work because a new project is starting again next week. Having just gone through tough times at work during the last few months has drained to much energy from me and I feel that I needed a break. A pretty long one to be exact.

Have you ever felt like you were in control of things then after just one incident, you suddenly don't know what you have to do? I should have left long time ago for the U.S. For some odd reason, I am still here in Manila waiting for my company to process my visa. Somehow I am getting this impression that my boss is still trying to hold me back from leaving just because of the new projects we keep getting here in Manila. I know I should just be thankful for the blessings that kept coming to me but then sometimes I feel that I can't plan my life unless I know when I am leaving. I think it's a pathetic reason to keep me in Manila just because nobody else can take my work load. Hayyy...

Life's been tough in the office lately. Not just because of the pressure from the project but also because of the tension I feel being between the big boss and my immediate superior. My superior is already thinking of resigning. I tell you, I am never good in letting go.

What am I saying? I am supposed to be on vacation!