Tuesday, October 30, 2007

San Francisco Stole My Heart - Part 3

Most of the time, I take my life too seriously that I have already forgotten how it felt like to have fun. As in fun which is still good, clean and wholesome and the kind of fun that makes you forget all your worries and moving to a place with no friends and relatives. It just feels good to be human again and enjoy life. I better not be too used to this because I might find it difficult to go back to my real, mundane life.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lucky Me

Have you ever felt like you are living your life too well that it already seems surreal? I've been feeling extremely relaxed and happy during my past week here in SFO that when the stress and worries disappeared, as if something was missing. Imagine this... an adoptive family taking care of you, no work to worry about, shopping almost every other day and spending like there's no tomorrow, visiting new places that are too beautiful for words, having a crush who's just a few steps away from your room. Damn! I am living a good life! I know I don't deserve all of these but still I am very grateful for everything.

Been shopping excessively and I'm paying in cash! Wow that's new! Haha. When I say excessively, I meant like 5 pairs of new shoes in just one week. I was telling my brain to stop but my heart wanted me to spend and splurge. After all the super "pagtitipid" that I've done in Helsinki for the past 3 years I was there, it's about time to spend all those hard earned dollars. I am still an el cheapo when it comes to shopping because I don't buy stuff that aren't on sale... except for Mango clothes which is definitely a need for me.

I wanted to post a lot of pictures but I am worried that some people who are not supposed to find my blog might find it. Ewan ko... paranoid again.

Some happenings in my life the past week here in SFO besides shopping...
- Been to most of the tourist spots
- Met Ram's kid, Cyrus
- Met Ram's ex-gf, Cyrus' mom
- Went to a club with the tita's boys and got culture shocked
- Met tita and tito's extended family here in SFO
- Attended INC services twice... konti na lang malapit na ko magpa-convert. Hahaha
- Drink smirnoff ice every night to get me to sleep
- Anticipate that email from my crush... haha obssessed!
- Watched a movie at Metreon
- Super tipid yosi breaks.. as in like 2 sticks a day lang coz Dunhill is way expensive here. Ron bought me the Dunhill I am consuming now.

Lord, thank you for this good life.

Monday, October 22, 2007

San Francisco Stole My Heart - Part 2

I have a crush... check out my pictures and guess who. =)

The thought of leaving SFO is scaring the hell out of me. I don't know what to expect when I get to Houston but I am sure it won't be the same as what I've experienced here. Here in SFO, it feels like that my family is just near. I will surely miss this extended family that I have here. Hayyy....

On the otherhand, I think if I stay longer here, I will eventually end my relationship with HH. Yes, it's about the crush! I guess I've been reading between the lines too much that the thought of this person having the same thing for me is swimming inside my head. God I hate this! Fine! Maybe he's just being nice and all because I am a guest in their home and I should not be thinking of something else other than he's just showing acts of kindness... no malice, period. Still, I am starting to like him. *patay tayo jan* Whenever I look at our pictures, natatawa na lang ako. I sort of unconsciously lean towards him everytime he's in the picture with me. *clue! clue!* Maybe he already has hints of my liking him. I wouldn't be surprised if he suddenly avoids me. Haha. We did talk a couple of times about personal stuff. He knows I have a 6year old relationship in manila. He knows I will be leaving for houston soon. What else?? We danced the other night when he and his brothers took me in a club. He accompanied me all the time inside the club and acted like he was my date... bought me drinks, held my coat, kept my passport with him, held my hand when we tried to leave that crowded dancefloor. Seriously! If I were not their houseguest, I would have thought he really liked me. He was a complete gentleman except in the dancefloor. *I will not elaborate further* He went to my room the other day to lend me his bed tray so I can use my laptop in bed. And then yesterday he went to my room again to lend me his ipod speakers even if I was not borrowing them. Odd di ba? Basta, it feels so wrong having a crush when I've got a boyfriend in another continent. Hayy.... Nagkakasala ako dito.

***Removed pictures here.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

San Francisco Stole My Heart

Saying goodbye was never my forte. There's no such thing as an easier way of saying goodbye to something important much more to someone you care so much for. Last Thursday, I left for SFO armed with my guts and my dreams of complete independence. This was the first time that I cried when I went down the car, kissed my mom, my pops, my sister and HH, took my luggages and walked towards the airport entrance. I did not expect it to be that painful. I didn't even had the courage to look back at them as the car left because I knew it would have been more painful seeing them go.

I arrived in SFO the same day, thursday. Was picked up by our family friend and my adoptive mom (I am her new ampon), tita rossana with her husband. Obviously, I am enjoying my stay here and getting as much pampering and relaxation as I can get. This is just my 2nd day here and I am already saying all these praises. Their family is to die for... I just love them all... tita, tito, the twins (ron & rex), ram & ryan. I have never felt so welcomed before and I am so glad to have decided to stay with them. =)

John, you're right! I'd want to live here. =) I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

*** Removed pictures here.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Beginning of 2-weeks Countdown

Exactly 2 weeks from today, my independent life begins. I can't say it's the start of the realization of my American dream because it was never my dream to live in the USA to begin with.

Errr... I'm too busy to elaborate how complicated my life is currently. All I know is that I desperately need a breather.

Keeping my fingers crossed... I hope everything falls into the right place.