Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm Home

Hoookay.... I'm f*ckin tired, jetlagged and completely unproductive today. Arrived at 4am today. Was here in the office at 9:30am. Been in several meetings today with barely any braincell activity.

I'm so messed up. =(

Friday, March 28, 2008

Jinx for Go-Lives

I think I am going back to my old jetsetter lifestyle. I love travelling and it's a given fact about me. But then losing almost 4years worth of your personal and social life because of being out of the country really suck big time!

I am coming home to Manila after almost 6months of being away from home. Yehey! But unfortunately, I have to work because it's a business trip and I need to be back in Phoenix the following monday. Talk about crazy long flights in a short span of time. I am pretty sure that my one week in Manila will be as busy as hell. I just hope I can still find time to see my friends and spend some time with my family.

Next, next week, I am scheduled to fly to SFO to visit my aunt. Little did she know that I will be doing a quick trip to her place tomorrow because my flight to Manila is via SFO and there's a long wait before my flight so I have decided to go out of SFO airport and see her. So for the next three weekends, I will be in SFO. Hayyyy... Tiring trips but I hope it'll be so worth it.

Unbelievably, with my crazy schedule, I am still able to support 3 projects for 3 different clients and 3 different timezones. No wonder I have to drag myself everyday out of my bed because I feel so tired and lacking sleep. My client in Helsinki is going live supposedly this weekend but I guess I jinxed it again. As of 11pm yesterday Helsinki time, there was still a huge problem with redirection to correct URL's so now I am really worried if they'll request for my support over the weekend. As you know I will be in transit this weekend but my client in Helsinki is clueless about it. Hayyyy... I will definitely need a vacation after all these chaos in my life. I wish forces of nature pull the days ahead so it'll be May already. Can't wait for April to be over. =(

Sunday, March 09, 2008


I must have prayed too much the past week because a lot of good things happened to me...

...On having a permanent homebase
I am now officially an AZ resident because I finally got my AZ driver's license. Woohoo!!! After months and months of delaying, I finally had the courage to take the exam. Well, I actually forced myself to take the exam otherwise I won't be able to buy Kimi (boss' car). All those times that I was driving here (like more than 2 months), I have been using my international license. Yes, including all those roadtrips going back and forth LA, Las Vegas and Temecula. Ang tapang ano?! Ngyahahaha!

Allow me to brag a little... I was done with both written and practical exams 20mins tops! Ahem! Oh yeah, one take lang! Hahaha. *Ehem Marc! Sana nakipagpustahan ako sayo! Hahaha*

...On going to SFO or anywhere near it
As my friends already know, I would love to live in SFO. If there is a project assignment that could lead me to moving to SFO, I will absolutely take it without even taking a second to think about it.
I was asked to join a concall last Friday afternoon with a client in Sunnyvale, CA. So when the client asked me if I could fly to their office anytime soon, boss knew that it was the perfect sign that we will nail this project. The bad side of it is that I can only fly there on a weekend because of my regular project assignment here in AZ during weekdays. Little did I know that the weekend they were talking about was yesterday, Sunday! I flew in to Sunnyvale via San Jose yesterday and did an 8-hour long meeting with the prospective client.

I believe that God makes all things fair. When something good/great is given to you, something as big will be sacrificed. Flourishing nga ang career, wala namang social and personal life! Hayyyy...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

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Monday, March 03, 2008


This is Kimi... He's a silver 2003 Lexus IS300 Sportcross.

I can't imagine my boss coming out of this car. It must have looked like he borrowed the car from his college son. Hahaha.

Will take pictures of the interior later and show you how Kimi looks like from the inside.