Thursday, July 31, 2008

Certified Coffee Addict

Thanks Nice for this wonderful award. Finally, someone said something good about my being a coffee addict. Hahaha. Thank you again!

Coffee drinkers:
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Like a strong brew, their passion in blogging is hard to ignore and they love coffee too! Have a cup. Have a nice cup Ate Joy, Kate, Tess and Aerox.

Temple of Saturn, Roman Forum

The Temple of Saturn is located at the West end of the Roman Forum. It is a temple for the agriculture god, Saturn. It is the oldest temple in the Roman Forum which dates back 501 and 495 BC. This temple was reconstructed thrice. There are eight surviving pillars located in the facade of this temple. Notice the non-uniformity between the styles of the pillars. This is because some of the pillars from the original structure were recycled. On top of the pillars is an inscription from this period that reads: "Senatus populusque romanus incendio consumptum restituit" which means "The Roman senate and people restored what fire had consumed". It is said that inside this temple is a statue of Saturn. This statue is carried out in a procession during celebrations of triumphs.

Fifth Annual Great American Seafood Cook Off

I have learned a very simple and easy seafood dish from my aunt couple of months back and since then, it has become a dinnertable staple whenever I have guests at my home. This dish is called Baked Salmon. As I have said, it is very easy to make that you can whip it up in less than 30 minutes. Here are the ingredients:

1 lb Salmon fillet (I usually use boneless, skin-on fillet from Costco)
2 Tbsp mayonnaise
1/2 tsp cilantro
Salt and pepper to taste

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees. While waiting for the oven to preheat, do the very quick preparation work. In an oven-proof dish, put your salmon fillet. Season the fillet with salt and pepper on both sides. Remember to place your salmon skin side down on the oven-proof dish if you are using a skin-on fillet. Slather some mayonnaise on to the salmon fillet. I usually use regular mayonnaise and not the lite version because it's creamier. Remember to spread the mayonnaise evenly and on to the sides of the fillet especially if you're using a thick cut of fillet. Top the salmon with cilantro. Cook this in the oven for 15 minutes or until you see the mayonnaise bubbling. Cooking time really depends on how thick the cut of the fillet is. Do not overcook the fish otherwise it will dry out. I usually serve this dish with roasted or steamed vegetables. How easy is that? The finished product looks snazzy that will surely impress your guests.

On August 2 to 3, the Fifth Annual Great American Seafood Cook off will be held at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center. It is one of America's most prestigious culinary competitions. This event will crown the fifth King of American Seafood. This exciting event features recipes that use fresh and local ingredients that promotes the positiveness of domestic seafood sustainability. It is a great venue to share your family-handed, tasty recipes. I would love to join this competition and show-off my Food Network learned skills but I guess I must come up with a fancier dish worthy of this cook off crown. If it were a 30-minute meal cook off, yes, maybe I can win it. Haha. So yeah, maybe next time I can join. But for you guys, if you want to belong to the prestigious circle of seafood culinary masters such as Chef John Besh, Chef Randy Evans, Chef Justine Timineri and Chef Tim Thomas, this is your ultimate chance.

Monday, July 28, 2008

El Foro Romano, Rome, Italy

The Roman Forum or otherwise known as El Foro Romano is a huge land with lots of temples, basilicas, arches and other structural ruins. In Roman history, the Roman Forum is the central area around which the ancient Roman civilization developed. It is where the great leaders of Rome lived. This place was how I pictured it to be from my history books and movies about ancient Rome... just more beautiful and extremely amazing. If you are a fan of roman architecture, this is probably the best place to study that.

Photos were taken in July 2006 during my semi-euro tour with a travel buddy.

Avanquest Connection Manager

Are you looking for a software that can automatically detect and remember your network settings? Avanquest Connection Manager does all that! For people like me who are bad in remembering passwords and connection settings, I think this is an awesome software to have. This software also remembers your set-up preferences for printers, email accounts, security settings and disk drive locations. For each network connectivity, your profile is saved. This functionality saves you time from detecting every network available from your current location in seconds. It also shows you the network connection strength as well as quality level of the signal. This is a fully tested and a higly developed software that is very useful in increasing your productivity. Avanquest Connection Manager handles your VPN connection, settings for your mapped drives and a variety of other settings. Get Avanquest Connection Manager for FREE!

Press Release:

Avanquest Software, a leading developer and publisher of business and consumer software for the global PC market, has released its new and powerful Avanquest Connection Manager tool, worth $29.95, for FREE. This title will save laptop users time and effort as it simplifies the process of detecting, selecting and connecting to different networks, printers and other peripherals whenever they change their location.

Today, mobile computer users often access public and private networks from many places they visit, from coffee shops and offices to airports and hotels. This usually requires different types of internet connections with a variety of different settings to be able to work properly, requiring the system to be reconfigured every time you move from one network to another. Avanquest Connection Manager allows laptop users to save time and avoid frustration by automatically:

* Detecting and storing preferred settings for each location.
* Selecting and identifying the settings if they return to a previously visited location.
* Connecting to preferred settings and peripherals for that particular location

Avanquest Connection Manager enables laptop users to automatically disconnect and reconnect to different networks and peripherals every time they change location, making it much more than just a wireless connection manager. Preferred network connection settings for the internet, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), email clients, default printers and disk drives are all remembered for future use, allowing users to visit locations and not have to re-enter any configuration information.

To get your free copy of the full retail software package of Avanquest Connection Manager visit :
To learn more about how the software works visit:

Are men intimidated by more successful women?

If you're a guy, would you date somebody more successful than you?

What?! Are you kidding me?! I know that my job has always been a liability to my relationships. But then being successful at my chosen career SHOULD NEVER be a basis for men not to date me. I hope not all men think this way otherwise my lovelife is surely doomed. =(

Read more about my ongoing dilemma about this topic by clicking this link.

I would appreciate if you can share your thoughts with me. =) Leave me comments!

Preserving Stem Cells with C'elle

My blog has been an open book to my medical condition. I dread every single time that I have to visit my OB-Gyne for my check-ups because everytime I am there, she would always remind me that my reproductive clock is ticking. There is just so much that vitamins and medication can do when it comes to human health. Over time, the human body deteriorates and sometimes it is impossible to self-heal anymore especially those conditions that are normally acquired through old age.

Stem cell research promises new treatments and possible cures for many diseases. It could lead to the discovery of new ways to prevent birth defects and abnormalities. Although this type of research has been a very controversial topic for ethical discussions, the possible benefits that we humans can gain from this research could not be taken for granted. Stem cell research promises great medical benefits for us and our future generations. Through stem cells, doctors are able to detect human diseases prior to developing them.


C'elle is a company who performs stem cell researches and they have successfully harvested stem cells from menstrual fluids. According to C'elle studies, menstrual blood is also a good source of stem cells which can be used for further studies on treating life-threatening medical conditions. The C'elle kit is an easy-to-follow non-invasive procedure that any common woman can perform so that she can collect and transport specimen from her menstrual fluids. From the C'elle website, you can learn more About the Science of stem cell research and its benefits by watching videos of C'elle Client Testimonial. This commercially available kit is a great help and a source of hope for women like me who are finding a cure for genetically acquired diseases.

Sponsored by C'elle

The Colosseum, Rome, Italy

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Rome, Italy is the Colosseum. It is regarded as one of the greatest architectural monuments built in ancient Rome. Visiting Rome for the first time was like being in the movie "Gladiator" which by the way is one of my favorite movies of all time. As what I've said in some of my older posts about my european vacations, it is very difficult to take decent photos in tourist spots like this because of the massive number of people who visit this site. You can never have a decent "solo" picture with this tourist spot in the background. Hehe. When I visited the Colosseum during the summer of 2006, there was a gladiator in costume who roams around the Colosseum vicinity. You can take photos with him for a price. Since my travel buddy and I are on a budget when we went there for a vacation, we didn't bother to have our pictures taken with him. Hehe. Anyway, if you plan to visit Rome, make sure that you don't miss visiting the Colosseum. I think the best time to take a photo of this structure is in the evening. Really an awesome sight to see!

The photos that I have taken doesn't do justice to how beautiful this architectural structure is. You should visit this place and see for yourself. =)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Join the Hype in iHype

It's been more than a month now since I started doing sponsored blogs. So far, the pay has been good except that sometimes I had to stay up all night to finish all my posts for reserved opportunities. No pain, no gain!

What I love about doing paid blogging besides the moolah I am getting from it is that I actually learn a lot of new things. If I have a sponsored blog opportunity about a certain topic that I know nothing about, I do my research and base my writing from what I find in my research. Sponsored blogging is pretty much like doing a term paper because you are given a topic, you do your research about that topic, create your write-up and then submit your post within the given time limit.

iHype is one of the many social media marketing sites that enable advertisers and publishers to meet. Advertisers can create marketing campaigns in and then member bloggers can blog about their products or services. What I personally like about iHype is the ease of use of their site and how fast they pay after they have approved a blog post. Almost always, it takes less than 24 hours to get my post approved after I have submitted it. They IMMEDIATELY send the payment through paypal unlike most network marketing sites that you still have to wait for 30days until they send you the payment. Big thumbs up for iHype!


Last weekend I brought Kimi to Bell Lexus for his service maintenance. Being a first time car owner, it was my first time to step into a dealership service center. I know, I'm pathetic! Haha. Well, for one thing, I didn't have to do this back in Manila because I have my parents or the driver to do it and I didn't have my own car then so I didn't have to worry about car maintenance. Hehe. As everybody says, there's always a first time. Anyway, when I arrived at Bell Lexus, I was greeted by a goodlooking valet attendant and guided me to the lounge. The moron me again was amazed that they offered refreshments and food in the Lexus lounge with television, internet access and reading materials. There's a lounge attendant too who would ask every now and then if we wanted something. Haaaa! Pardon my ignorance ok?! I don't think you'll get this kind of service in let's say Toyota or Nissan or some non-luxury car dealerships.

While Kimi is being serviced, the dealership offered me a leassor car which is a white 2008 IS250. Getting to drive this car was so awesome and although I love Kimi to death, I would trade him for this car. Wooopsss! Handling was very reactive. Excellent styling and very comfortable interior. It uses a smart key so there's no more keyhole. All you need to do is to press the start button. It was more spacious than Kimi although this sedan didn't come with a sporty interior. Oh btw, Lexus don't make Sportcrosses *hatchbacks* anymore so Kimi is one of the few remaining Lexus hatchbacks out there. Windows of the new IS is smaller than Kimi's. They also got rid of the many gauges in the dashboard which I sort of use to check the miles per gallon usage and my guide how hard I step on the gas.

Photo courtesy of

So anyway, I think I got what I paid for. *which is big, big, big bucks!* The service was good and fast although expensive. Hayyyy... the pains of maintaining a luxury car.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Walk for a Cause

Alzheimer's disease is a type of degenerative brain disease. When we say degenerative disease, it means that the function of the brain progressively deteriorates over time, destroying brain cells that affects a person's memory, thinking and behavior. Alzheimer's is also a terminal and fatal disease. This means that no cure has been found for this kind of sickness and therefore it will eventually cause death to the patient. It's sad that inspite of all the advancement in technology and medical researches that we have nowadays, scientists have not yet found a cure, much more a prevention for Alzheimer's. Five million Americans suffer from Alzheimer's disease and it is the 6th leading cause of death here in the United States.

I have a friend whose mom is suffering from early stages of Alzheimer's. Whenever we talk about her mom, she always has this very sad tone in her voice. I know that this disease has inflicted so much pain to the patient but I guess, it is giving more pain to all those family members who are taking care of Alzheimer patients. It must be so difficult for them to see how a family member deteriorates and all they can do is to watch him but could not do anything to cure him. It must be so painful for them when their loved one started forgetting their names, or stopped recognizing who they were. A family's life really does change when a family member suffers from this dreaded disease.

The Alzheimer's Memory Walk is the nation's largest Alzheimer's awareness event that helps in generating funds for the continuous research and support for Alzheimer's patients. This Memory Walk is usually held in the fall which is about 2 to 3 mile walk on a weekend morning. This is a great awareness and fundraiser program to help Alzheimer's patients. For now, we might not be able to cure the disease but we can always help patients make the sickness more bearable for them by showing our unconditional support to them. Who knows, maybe in the near future, scientists can finally find a cure for this terminal illness and save millions of lives. A few hours of walk will surely go a long way in caring for Alzheimer's patients. Join now by visiting the Alzheimer's Memory Walk website.

Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Moved to a New Domain

Some stupidity that I can't sort out right is haunting me. I could not get my sponsored posts approved because the old URL is redirecting to the new domain. I can't let go of the sponsored posts because I spent so much time writing them! So yeah, I moved back to blogger and published the old, old, very old blue ginger blog in my new domain. Hayyy.. I guess I have to live with this blogspot url. Grrrrrr! Disregard my message below... it's stupid of me to find this out just now.


Finally bought my own domain name. =)

Friends, I would appreciate if you update the links on your site to my new domain.

Thank you!

45K Service for 2003 Lexus IS300

I took Kimi to Bell Lexus awhile ago for his long overdued service maintenance. He is currently at 45K mileage. This is pretty low for a 5-year old car. Anyway, I got the 45K mile service for him. Here's a rundown of the stuff that was done to him:

- change oil and oil filter
- rotate tires, check tire pressure amd alignment
- replace air filter
- check all fluid levels
- check battery water levels and cable ends
- check exhaust pipes and mounts
- inspect belts, hoses and steering linkage
- inspect undercarriage
- inspect brake pads, discs and hoses
- check wipers, lights and accessories
- inspect body (paint and corrosion)
- road test

This service costs $495. Not cheap at all! And then for the fun part... they found something wrong with Kimi due to my not so recent accident. Because of the impact of the broken tire that hit Kimi, the right front wheel rim got bent and also the alignment of the car was so off. Since I have been driving Kimi for 3 months now with those problems that I was unaware of and the many long drives I've been doing the past 6 months, the front tires were worn off and had to be replaced immediately. So for the tires alone, I spent around $400++ exclusive of labor for mounting and balancing. Hayyyy... Total damage was around a thousand bucks. Yeah... that much damage! I probably have to stay here in Phoenix and not do any long drives to save gas money. Somebody's not going on a vacation in the next few months. Hayyy... depressing! Owning and maintaining a luxury car is NEVER cheap! All for the love of Kimi.

So I am probably the poorest and most broke Lexus owner. Not good!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

How I Survived for 6 Months

Here's a list of my anti-DMV ticket/warning antics for illegal *READ: staying more than 6 months in a state without registering your vehicle there is ILLEGAL!* out-of-state car:

1. Park backwards on a wall *assuming you have no license plate in front*

Everyday I had to park Kimi at the very end of the office parking lot where there is a wall so I can park him backwards. FYI, in AZ we are only required to put the license plate at the back of the car. Well, I was hoping that the cops roaming around the office parking would be too lazy to go down their car and check Kimi's plate at the back. Hehe.

2. Befriend parking security and officemates
The more people who can warn you when cops are around the parking lot, the better. =) Befriend those officemates who have illegal out-of-state plates like you because they are usually the first people to know when cops are around. Phone brigade works best! It saved me couple of times.

3. Know the the nearest public parking
When cops are here in the office, I run to the parking lot to move Kimi to the nearest grocery parking. Cops don't check public areas or they probably do but they don't issue DMV warnings and tickets if you have an unregistered overstaying out-of-state car. Kimi's pretty much safe from them there but probably not from carnappers. =(

4. Know your parking lot
I guess for #3 to be successful, you need to know your parking space very well. If police is on one side of the parking lot, you need to have an escape route that they won't be able to see you otherwise you might end up getting tailed by them. Hehe. The more discreet the escape, the better. =)

Not that I am encouraging you not to register your car in the state you're probably temporarily considering your homebase. That's the keyword... TEMPORARY! For people like me who are still on a hunt for the perfect homebase or just living a consultant's life *READ: people who move around a lot*, I think it's unfair to be obliged to change your car registration if in the first place you don't intend to stay in that state for a year. Well, I hope the government can come up with a more "consultant-friendly" law. Something like a no-definite-state license plate or an i-dont-have-a-homebase-yet license plate. Haha.

Hoookay... I am just glad this issue is done and over with.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Need a House Paint Job?

Do you have a home that needs a paint job? Are you looking for a contractor that specializes in house painting services? College Works Painting is the leading house painting services provider in California. They only use 100% acrylic paints from top manufacturers such as Kelly-Moore and Parker Paints. College Works Painting pride themselves to professionalism, high quality work and best value in the market. As their company name suggests, College Works Painting program hire college students who are extensively trained in the company's training program and are sent out to clients so that they will be able to get experience in real life business. This company provides a great opportunity for these college students to earn money so that they can afford a good college education. Of course, College Works Painting will only send highly trained people to take care of your home.

College Works Painting provides a 5 to 7 years warranty for their standard paint job. They also provide a premium service plan which guarantees that only best painting products are used in your home and uses a more extensive preparation to bolster paint adhesion to your home's surfaces. This premium service plan will add 2 to 4 years life to the standard paint job of your home. Premium service includes pressure washing of the entire house, full prime coat, finish coat, top service guarantee and a six year price freeze. If you would like to get a free instant quote, visit the College Works website.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kimi Is Legally Mine

After 6 months of driving Kimi *get to know him here and here* around Phoenix, I was finally able to register him under my name here in Arizona. He's been tagged with a spanking new AZ license plate! Woot! Woot! I have gone through a hella lot of trouble furnishing his papers, going back and forth DMV, hiding from cops because of my DMV warning notices *take note, noticeSSSS* and all the stress/frustration that came along with it.

Here are some pointers on what you need to do if you have recently bought an out-of-state car from a private owner and you would like to transfer the title under your name and register it here in Arizona.

1. Deed Of Sale
You got to have this signed and notarized by the original owner of the vehicle. There is a DMV form that you can use but alternatively, you can just write your own deed of sale document. My case was probably the worse case to produce this deed of sale document. Ok, here is my case... the original owner of the vehicle is my boss who is always out of the country. Notaries from other countries are not accepted here in the US. What you need to do is to schedule a notary service from the nearest US embassy you're currently located. Yes, it needs to be notarized by a consul in the US embassy! Mine was notarized in the US embassy in Germany where my boss is currently at and man it costed a whopping 100euros for 2 signatures!!! That's about $160 for 2 pieces of paper. It is crazy! They sure are making a lot of money out there.

2. Odometer Disclosure Document
The original owner must have this document signed and notarized. Odometer disclosure usually contains the current vehicle mileage and a sworn statement that the odometer of the vehicle is functioning correctly. You can also create your own document for this. There are a lot of sample documents in google.

3. vehicle Title or the pink slip *it's not even colored pink*
Depending on your agreement with the person you're buying the vehicle from, he can either give you the title immediately while you are still paying for your monthly for the car or he can keep the title under his name until such time that you have completely paid-off the car. In my case, my boss allowed me to own the title while still paying for the monthly. It's easier that way.

4. Vehicle Inspection
When you get to DMV, they will perform an initial inspection on your vehicle for the authenticity of you Vehicle Identification Number *VIN*. If they find out that there are problems with your VIN, they might require your vehicle to undergo a level 2 and 3 inspection. Level 1 inspection is free. For the rest, I think you have to pay a certain amount.

5. Vehicle Emission Testing
Once you've finished Level 1 inspection, you have to go to the vehicle emission testing center of DMV. I am not so sure about the technicalities of this test but basing from what I've seen, they opened the gasoline tank and checked something in there. Testing fee is around $27++.

Once you've furnished documents 1-3 and have undergone 4 and 5, you can now start lining up in DMV so they can do the title transfer in their system and issue a new license plate to you. =) Oh btw, I had to pay $200+ for the tax and other fees.

Finally solved this problem. What a relief!

Affordable Auto Insurance

Are you looking for a very affordable auto insurance? Cost-U-Less can provide you with that. Car insurance shopping is quite a tedious task. Although there are a lot of car insurance providers on the internet, it is still good to first do a research on how much insurance you need. It was a tough decision to make whenever you have to choose if you are going to take state minimum coverages or go beyond it. Automobile liability, property damage, uninsured/underinsured motorist, auto collision coverage, full glass coverage, comprehensive, etc. are all mind boggling jargons that you would need to understand when you are getting an auto insurance. Cost-U-Less insurance car insurance quote can answer all your questions. The convenience of online shopping will get you an auto insurance in just a couple of minutes. Visit their website now and find out how much you can save from your car insurance quote.

To Buy or Not To Buy A Domain

I have been thinking about buying my own domain for a couple of months now. Since I have started doing "sponsored" blogging and have been very addicted to it, the idea of getting my own domain name has been bugging me. If you have thoughts about this, please share it with me and leave a comment on this blog.

Some questions about this though...

how was the transition from blogger to your domain? was it difficult? how about re-routing traffic back to your site?

What will happen to your SS and PPP accounts if you change your blog address? Does it need to wait for approval again?

Programming Contest - Big Prizes Up For Grabs!

Calling all hardcore developers out there! Telecompute is hosting a programming contest that utilizes the Digital Stick technology. This technology allows developers to create database-driven portable applications that are secure and versatile. To join the contest, you need to create an application that uses the Telecompute's Digital Anchor components, a database with at least one custom table, SQL object, and an independent operating system that uses Digital Anchor Coil/Wrap object. If you are interested in creating applications for legal, real estate, retail, healthcare, finance, government, sales, engineering/construction or education, then this contest is for you. Big prizes are up for grabs! Visit Digital Anchor website to find out the mechanics and rules of the contest.

Press Release:

Use Digital Stick™ to Create This Summer's Hottest Code And Win

This summer, Toronto-based Telecompute Integrated Systems Inc., the creator of Digital Stick™ technology, is turning the heat up on portable database application development with its "Digital Stick™ Developer" Contest, which launched on June 2, 2008.

The "Digital Stick™ Developer" Contest challenges developers to bring on their hottest code and use Digital Stick™ technology to create an innovative, secure and database-driven portable application for virtually any industry. The contest grand prize includes a Best Buy gift certificate worth Cdn$2,000, plus added incentives. The runner-up prize includes an 80GB Microsoft® Zune.

There is no purchase necessary to participate, and the contest is open to individuals who are residents of Canada and the U.S. (void where prohibited). To qualify, you must create a fully-functional application using Digital Stick™ and submit it online at by 11:59p.m., September 14, 2008.

Entries will be judged based on their innovation and originality; integration with the Digital Stick™ platform; and end-user appeal (i.e. ease of use, intuitiveness, aesthetics). Contest winners will be announced on October 1st, 2008. For more information about the contest -- including the official contest rules -- go to:

With Digital Stick™, developers can create secure, database-driven applications that can be accessed from anywhere. To create a Digital Stick-Ready (DS-R) application, go to and download the Digital Stick™ SDK.

More information about Digital Stick™ can be found at:

About Telecompute Integrated Systems Inc.
Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Telecompute Integrated Systems Inc. is a leading developer and provider of customized IT applications, services and solutions for small-to-medium sized businesses. Providing its customers with superior service since 1976, Telecompute is committed to delivering solutions that are powerful, affordable and easy-to-use. Telecompute's strategic technology partners include: HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, Toshiba, and more. For more information about Telecompute, visit:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Amsterdam Canals

This is one of my favorite Amsterdam photos. Notice the elaborate design of the gables of Amsterdam canal houses? If I remember right, the tourist guide told us that depending on the gable design on top of the house, it indicates who lives there... if they are merchants, artists, government officials, etc. Check out the huge windows. Although big windows provide enough lighting and air circulation to the house, I will be dead scared to fall out of it. It is as big as the door!

Amsterdam literally sits on top of intersecting canals. Lots of them! If you do visit Amsterdam, I think the best way to explore the city is to take a canal tour. I am sure you will enjoy it!

Charitable Programs for Uninsured Patients

A good medical care always come with a price. Besides worrying about hospitalization bills, you also have maintenance medication to worry about. Not everyone here in the US has a health insurance to run to whenever these emergency crisis arise. Patients who are underinsured and especially those who are totally uninsured are unable to afford their medication. Pharmaceutical companies offer this Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) for those who cannot afford their medication. These programs benefit those individuals or families who have low-income, underinsured or uninsured and who have passed the eligibility guidelines set by the pharmaceutical companies for a specific drug that a patient will need. Patient beneficiaries receive reduced cost medicines or sometimes free medication.


There are three general criteria that you must meet in order to avail of this Patient Assistance Programs: household income is less than 200% of federal poverty level, absence of prescription coverage, and you must be a US resident or citizen. Signing-up in will give you all the information that you might need in applying for this program. I hope this program reaches the third-world countries because I am sure, there are more people who needs medical assistance in those countries. I also hope all pharmaceutical companies all over the world will launch a similar program as a way of giving back and contributing to the society.

Sponsored by

Hell Month Again

I just have to blog about the recent happenings at my work and the progress of Kimi's title transfer and registration...

My project timeline is ticking like a timebomb about to explode. There's so many things to do with so little time. It's not like I can just assign a part of my work to other developers which unfortunately, I have nobody else to assign it to because I am the only one doing java web dynpro development. Sucks! My current project for my client is an Applicant self-service in web dynpro with R/3 backend *of course!*. So it is basically running the /pb30 command instead of /pa30 command for creating and updating infotypes and subtypes for SAP R/3 in the Enterprise Portal. What sucks more though is the fact that there is no exisiting Applicant Self-Service *A.S.S.! Hahaha* in r/3 for the portal unless you buy the whole recruitment module of SAP. So anyway, since we're doing a fully custom portal application, we still attempted to stay with the SAP ESS/MSS standards for the implementation. This proved to be a hellhole of challenge because we found out that there are a lot of hardcoded stuff in SAP codes! Waaaa! It is a total nightmare to debug and trace what happens in the backend. Well, we are progressing with the project but very, very slowly which is bad considering the short timeframe and the huge output that is expected. Hayyyy... Stress!

I finally got Kimi's hundred euros notarized deed of sale fresh from Germany. Yehey! The US vice consul's autograph is worth 100euros! I am not joking! Her signature is that expensive! Will be working on Kimi's registration to DMV tomorrow. Goodluck to me! I hope all goes well and I get to finish the process fast.

Be Safe With SaferCalls

On a very busy work day, it annoys me a lot whenever I get calls from insurance agents, telemarketers or anybody whom I have no business with. There are times that it's inevitable to answer unknown numbers on your phone because sometimes you really don't know when it is an emergency call. So you take those calls anyway. Another phone issue that I have is that whenever I am out of the country, I usually bring a roaming cellphone with me. Receiving unwanted calls mean paying for unnecessary roaming rates which is very expensive. And you'll probably wonder, where these people got your number.

All these petpeeve about unwanted calls can be solved by Safercalls. Safercalls is a temporary number provider that gives you the ability to choose which calls will be forwarded to your real number. With SaferCalls, you can forward unwanted calls to any number giving you more privacy and security whenever you share your temporary number to an e-commerce site for instance. With the safercalls portal, you can manage your block number list, retrieve your voicemail and manage the schedule when you can receive calls. If a computer is not accessible, you can still manage your account, change your pin and record your voice greeting using a registered phone with Safercalls. All changes that you make in your settings are immediately activated in your account. For those people who travel a lot, Safercalls works outside of US and Canada so you still have that privacy and security even when you're out of the country. You can check out Safercalls Website for a free demo on how this system works. If you sign-up now, you can get a special rate of $9.99/month using the coupon code 760508. This discounted offer is valid until August 1,2008.

Press Release:

Major Telephone Companies Blown Out of Water by Innovative New Player

July 15, 2008 – SaferCalls launches new service to get rid of any unwanted callers. With full control of who calls and when they call, you never have to receive harassing calls again.

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Amsterdam Canal Houses

Whenever I fly from Manila to Helsinki, I always take a KLM flight. This flight has two legs, MNL-AMS then AMS-HEL. The whole flight and waiting time takes a little less than 24 hours. Because of the many flights I have taken through this route, I have decided to make a longer stopover in AMS before heading back to Manila in January 2006. What I like about Amsterdam is their architecture. I'm speaking of the Amsterdam canal houses. Photo above was taken sometime 2006 during a canal tour. These cute little houses have big windows with gables on top. The purpose of these big windows is for transporting big objects to the upper floors which definitely won't fit in the front door or very narrow stairs. The rows of these canal houses are so nice to look at. I was kidding my friend that I want to have the same house in Manila in a creekside lot so it would be similar to the canal. Haha.

Social Spark Is Mommy Blogger Friendly

Keeping a great career and maintaining a healthy family life is always a great challenge for mothers. I have colleague friends who just recently had their own families and have been complaining that they are not spending enough time with their famlies. Knowing how demanding consulting job is, time-wise, I guess I couldn't blame them. A lot of these colleagues of mine who have joined the family bandwagon have moved to other slower paced and less demanding jobs. As much as they want to be full-time moms, they still need to work to earn enough money to support their growing families. I guess for moms, family will always come first before anything else.

SocialSpark is a great alternative career for mothers who choose to be at home and be with their families. Spending a couple of hours a day to write blogs for opportunities will keep them from getting bored and making the most out of their free time by sharing their experiences and insights through their writings. I have seen a lot of great mommy posties in SocialSpark and I am amazed at their ability to balance a healthy family life and their creativity in writing posts that are mostly about their families. Mommy bloggers can earn money in between changing baby diapers, while watching baby sleep or just about any free time they have while they are at home. Signing-up with SocialSpark is so easy and FREE. All you need is a regularly updated blog, a SocialSpark account and a Paypal account to receive your opportunity payments. New opportunities from advertisers are added daily so you have more chances of doing a paid post. Once signed-up, visit SocialSpark site then search for open opportunities and start reserving opportunities that you are qualified to participate into. Requirements and instructions for the blog post is given in each opportunity. You have 12 hours to complete a reserved opportunity and after submitting, all you have to do is to wait for approval. It is that easy!

I truly admire mothers who chose to give up a great career for their families. SocialSpark definitely recognizes this same value so they are giving opportunities for mommy bloggers to continue earning at the comforts of their homes while still being the greatest mom that they can be.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Stay Tuned

Lately, I have been posting Helsinki photos. Well, I honestly miss living in Helsinki where everything is slower paced and relaxed than here in the US. Anyway, I am sort of trying to reminisce how it felt like traveling in Europe and enjoying the perks of my job as a consultant. I will be posting several more travel photos that I have taken while I was living my "jetsetter" lifestyle then. Stay tuned for the next featured city/country/tourist spot that I've been to in Europe. Maybe it will help those readers who are considering to move to Europe or just finding some inspiration on why to go to Europe for a vacation. In my honest opinion, it will and will always be my first choice when I think of a place where I will live comfortably and maybe retire. Nothing beats the culture there and the numerous places you can visit one train ride away. So yeah, stay tuned and keep visiting my blog. Comments are greatly appreciated. =)


Revive Your Home With Renuzit TriScents

Every time I come in to my condo, the unusual smell is always noticeable. What I meant about unusual is that it sometimes smell like the food I cooked the night before or sometimes it smells like garbage when I forget to put out the trash. On lucky days, it smells like old cabinet that has not been opened for a long time. Living in a condo is quite a challenge because there's little space so there's barely enough room for air to circulate. And having the condo here in the super hot desert of Phoenix is double the challenge since you probably won't open windows and doors because of the extremely hot weather. So basically you're stuck with the bad smell of the condo while aircondition is running.

Good thing, I received my Renuzit TriScents kit from the mail. I immediately plugged it in my livingroom socket and the air started smelling great. I just love the harmonic scents of Waterfall Mist, After the Rain and Pure Breeze. This electric scented oil air freshener changes its scent every 45 minutes so you definitely won't get tired of the same smell. Having this air freshener around the condo easily transformed my home into a welcoming place where one can just relax and enjoy. With three separate settings, I am able to control how intense I want the smell to be. Renuzit TriScents air freshener can last up to 60 days. Get your Renuzit TriScents kit now and revive your home in an inexpensive way.

Ruoholahti District

In my opinion, Ruoholahti district is one of the better areas to live in Helsinki. The prices of apartments are not as expensive than those in Helsinki city center. There's not much rush hour traffic. It is less populated than the city center. Commercial area is just walking distance. Bus, tram and Metro lines are just near each other. Ruoholahti district is in the southwest part of Helsinki. It is very close to Lauttasaari island and is basically what connects Helsinki city center and Espoo. The exact building where our old apartment was located had a lot of private offices and adjacent buildings are actually office buildings. Ruoholahti is the last station of the Metro in the south west of the Helsinki line and also the last stop of the Tram 8 line.

Track the Weather with MyFreeWeather

When I was living in Helsinki, I check the weather daily because Helsinki weather is seriously erratic especially in between season change. I have been victimized many times of not dressing up for the right weather. One time I wore a thin coat and did not bring an umbrella thinking it would be sunny the whole day but in the afternoon on my way home it started raining with hail and the wind was so cold. I was commuting, by the way, and had to walk in between bus stops. Knowing what the weather will be for the whole day helps us prepare by wearing the right clothes and bringing the right equipments with us such as an umbrella or a thick coat.

MyFreeWeather software allows you to track 5-day weather forecast of any city in the world at any given time. It gives you weather updates automatically and you can set the frequency of how often it checks for weather updates. This amazing software gives you the current temperature, wind direction, wind speed, humidity and visibility. It even shows you an image of how the current sky looks like for your chosen city! This fast and user-friendly software even shows you the local date and time for your chosen city. It is an awesome software to keep in your desktop. For weather conscious people like me, this is a great software to have. Try it now and download for FREE! Installation is fast and easy.

Helsinki Cathedral

I think, the most prominent and easily remembered tourist attraction in Helsinki is this Lutheran church along Aleksanterinkatu, more popularly known as the Helsinki Cathedral. During summer, this place is packed with tourists. I should know… we used to hangout in this area. Haha. It sits right across the Senate Square. This huge cathedral has a long flight of stairs and I think I’ve only climbed it twice. Haaaa! Just a block away from this cathedral is Helsinki’s market square which is basically a flea market. I think I’ve talked about this flea market before in one of my posts. The fried fish and paella breakfast in this flea market during summer is superb! Ahhhh… Helsinki days…

Awesome Podcast for Sci-fi Fanatics

Podcast is a collective term that refers to audio, video, document or a combination of any of the three files that are distributed in the internet via XML protocol called RSS through a series or episodes. The popularity of podcasts has greatly incremented through the years because of the increasing number of mobile audio player owners. Podcast allows users to download their favorite audio programs automatically and listen to them at their own chosen time. I have been listening to podcasts for more than a year now. There are tons of podcast providers out there from different genres that you can choose from.


If you are a science fiction fanatic or probably just looking for an interesting podcast to listen to, the Leviathan Chronicles podcast is for you. The Leviathan Chronicles is written and produced by Christof Laputka. Each episode is 30 to 45 minutes long and can be downloaded from the Leviathan Chronicles website. This podcast is an audio drama with a captivating story line. Its cutting-edge sound effects with an amazing musical score has really added an interesting detail to the plot. Visit their website to download and listen to it so you'll understand what I mean. The first few episodes are available for download for FREE! I have just finished listening to the first episode and it already got me hooked.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Helsinki Vantaa Airport

The numerous times that I had to fly in and fly out of a country, there were only two instances that I was able to snag a picture of the airport building where I am going to. One of it is the photo above which is the Helsinki Vantaa Airport. If you've never seen an airport that is not crowded, then you should go to Helsinki. Hahaha. Seriously! In the many flights I've taken in this airport, I've never seen it as crowded as LAX for instance or even PHX and not even NAIA. Quite amazing actually!

Whenever I am at the airport, I usually grab a cup of coffee from Starbucks. But alas, when I got to Vantaa airport, there WERE NO STARBUCKS! Haaa! No Starbucks all over Finland for that matter! There were other coffeeshops in Vantaa airport but I am not so sure if it was Wayne's or Robert's. Anyway, so imagine my dread not to have Starbucks for a maximum of 3 months while I am deployed there. The local Finnish coffeeshops are not bad but it's just that they don't sell frapuccinos there.

Helsinki Vantaa Airport is about 40 minutes away from Helsinki City Center. Our taxi rates are somewhere between 50 to 60 euros a trip. But if you are cutting costs, you can choose to take the Airport taxi which is around 20euros per person *last time I was there!* but you probably have to schedule it couple of hours ahead of your flight because you have to pick up a couple more people along the way. If you are traveling light and wouldn't mind dragging your luggages to the streets of Helsinki, there is also an airport bus in the city center. I can't remember how much this costs but it is covered by the Helsinki travel card. The travel card is like a credit card with a chip embedded on it. It stores money so you can pay for your bus, tram and train fares using the card. Hi-tech right?!

Photo was taken during my first flight to Helsinki in 2004 around summertime.

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Above is a photo taken in one of the bus stops in Helsinki city center. The big building in the middle is the Helsinki Central railway station also known as Helsingin rautatieasema in Finnish. Trains going north of Finland come from here. Notice the huge sculptures in front of the building? Yeah, they are works of art too.

This train station is connected to the central station of the Helsinki Metro. Ok... that was quite confusing! The metro is the subway traveling within helsinki. The train on the otherhand, travels the northern parts of Finland. Oh btw, Helsinki is in the south most part of the country so that means they have sort of the less colder weather than the northern regions but it still gets cold! My colleagues and I would always joke about the weather in Helsinki. Before we go out of the apartment, we would check yahoo weather and if it says there 20 degrees, it meant 20 degrees if you're right under the sun but if you go on a shaded area, it feels like 10 degress. Haha.

Photo was taken sometime late July of 2005. I think it was late in the afternoon and it's starting to get cold.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

LASIK Vision

The LASIK technology has been existing for more than 10 years now and being practiced all over the world. It is a proven procedure that can really correct the vision of patients. Almost 32 million people worlwide has taken the option of getting a LASIK procedure done and it is the most popular elective vision procedure.

LASIK is one of the medical procedures that can be performed to correct a person's vision. LASIK stands for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis. Modern LASIK procedure consist of 3D mapping, customized wave-front measurement of the eye, cornea examination and the first all-laser cutomized treatment. Patients would probably worry about the risks involved when getting this procedure done. The good thing is that LASIK has a very high success rate for correcting a patient's vision. Even the US Military and NASA has recognized the effectivity of this procedure. However, there is an average of 20-25% of patients who are ineligible to receive this procedure because of more complicated cases such as those with thin or irregularly shaped corneas. The procedure is fast and is nearly painless. There is less than 1% risk for serious complications. Otherwise, this procedure is safe and with high probability of success in getting back that 20/20 vision. Statistics says that 92 to 98 percent of all patients who have taken the LASIK procedure were satisfied with the end result of the procedure.

If you are considering LASIK or maybe would like to know more about this medical procedure click on this link: LASIK information

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Ruoholahti Apartment

I know this is so pathetic but this is the closest I can get to Helsinki nowadays! Haha. As I have mentioned in earlier post, we used to live in Ruoholahti area facing the bay. Map above was taken from google maps. I so miss that place! Bus and tram stops are just walking distance from the apartment. The view from the apartment window is facing the bay which is so beautiful.

Fox News Features Zenni Optical

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Zenni Optical offers stylish, high quality and very affordable prescription glasses starting at $8.00.

Friday's Feast #196


When was the last time you had your hair cut/trimmed?
-- four months ago when HH's mom came here to Phoenix and did my haircut


Name one thing you miss about being a child.
-- carefree and simple needs


Pick one: butter, margarine, olive oil.
-- butter!

Main Course

If you could learn another language, which one would you pick, and why?
-- French because it just sounds romantic =)


Finish this sentence: In 5 years I expect to be…
-- settled down


One of the things that I admire Finland for is their great artistic talent. Everywhere you go, you'll see a piece of artwork even in the most unconventional places such as right in the middle of a busy Metro station *Helsinki's version of the subway* and right by the road side near a bus stop. The photo above is the gigantic sculpture that sits right by the roadside of Porkkalankatu in Ruoholahti. It's a landmark that you'll surely won't miss when passing by this road which has a nearby bus stop going to our apartment. Funny thing is , I always see this sculpture everyday when I lived there but never really knew the title of the sculpture nor who made it. I did some research and this sculpture is entitled "Rumba" like the dance by Martti Aiha. The art piece was a product of a competition hosted by Alko, a government-owned alcohol company. Aiha's huge black sculpture won this competition and the company donated the structure to the City of Helsinki for its 60th anniversary. Alko's headquarters is in nearby Salmisaari that's why the structure was installed in this area in 1992. Fascinating isn't it? Oh btw, this photo was taken in 2005 around summer. The weather looked great!

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I Miss Helsinki Because...

My project manager is in Helsinki right now doing some business with the big N again. I can't help but feel excited about it because there is a possibility of going back there. I know that my boss would never ever risk losing my current client here in Phoenix if ever they get a project in Finland and require me to fly there. I am so sure he is not ready to give up my current client because I know he makes hella lot of money from me being here. I am still wishing though. Who knows?!

I am feeling nostalgic again after going through some old photos from previous Helsinki trips. Here I go again! Those were the days when traveling to Finland meant fun, a change in environment and living in the first world. =)

I miss Helsinki because...

- of the nice weather during summer... Sunny but not hot!
- I *together with flatmates* used to live in a big apartment with a nice bay view... we used to have a posh apartment in Helsinki in Ruoholahti
- i hate to drive! Commuting is the best! *bus and tram rides* they have one of the best transport systems
- a train ride can get you to another country
- of its relaxed and carefree environment... slower paced than here in the US
- they have lots of parks where you can chill
- of H&M stores
- shopping at Aleksanterinkatu is awesone! Mango, Zara, Esprit, H&M, Wedins, etc.
- I have a mobile phone that can be used to call anybody in the world which the Big N pays for =)
- I get to work for the Big N

Rare Beatles Vinyl Records

My family from both father and mother side are all musically inclined. All of my aunts and uncles from my motherside including my mom know how to play the piano. I think my grandfather required all of them to know how to play the piano. My father side, on the otherhand, are all great singers. As a matter of fact some of my uncles made a living out of singing in bars and hotels in Manila and abroad. I guess my inclination to music was greatly influenced by my family. I do play the guitar and piano though I never had formal lessons.

If my memory serves me right, my uncles from my mom's side are so fond of collecting vinyl records. Every morning I can hear the Beatles, Peter, Paul and Mary, and Carpenters songs playing over and over as they all gather around the turntable. There were instances that my uncles from my father side would also come to our house and jam using the piano and guitar with my uncles from my motherside. They would mostly play Beatles songs and they would sing all day and just hang out at our house. Let's talk about my uncles' Beatles vinyl records. They are black, plastic thing that looks like a cd only 4 times bigger. I know that it would probably cost hundreds of dollars now if only they still have it. Too bad all their collections were gone after our house burned down 16 years ago.

Going through the merchandise that is selling, I was amazed at how huge their collection of rare vinyl records and memorabilia from different artists are. I would love to own the Let It Be vinyl record of the Beatles. I remember this exact vinyl record in my uncle's collection and it's one of their favorites. I know my uncle would be so happy if he receives this as a gift from me. And I am pretty sure it will bring nostalgia to him and reminisce old jamming days back at our old home in Manila.


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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lovelife is Always a Hot Topic

I was in the hotseat awhile ago during the send-off get together with my client. After a couple of real kicking margaritas, they asked me about my lovelife. Hoookay... My lovelife is currently non-existent and somehow it went down the list of my priorities. Anyway, everybody in the group assured me that they will find me a date... SOON! Haha. I had a great time with them talking about each others juicy bits which should definitely not to be discussed inside the confines of our office unless there's booze! Hehe.

The first moonsoon rain for the summer poured awhile ago. It was difficult to drive when it is dark, raining so hard, and a bit buzzed. =) I was careful though. So glad to have gotten home safe. Fyi, it was 92 degrees this afternoon and it suddenly dropped to 72 degrees when it rained. Lord, thank you for the rain! Arizona surely needed that.

Know Your Bills IQ Score

When I moved here in the U.S. 9 months ago, starting my independent life was so difficult. Back in the Philippines, for as long as you have the money in your bank or even in cash, you can buy just about anything like a house, a car, or even a jet for as long as you have the money. However, here in the U.S. things are rather more complicated. They do credit and financial background check in just about anything that you want to purchase.

Imagine my situation 9 months ago when I have just arrived. First thing that I did was to get a rental car. And to get a rental car here, you need to have a credit card to guarantee your rental. Good thing I brought my credit cards from the Philippines here. It's not so easy to apply for a credit card when you don't have a credit history to begin with. Second thing was to get a lease for an apartment. The landlord asked me to fill-up a form authorizing them to check my credit which was non-existent at that time! I had to ask my employer to co-sign for my lease just to get an apartment. All other leases that I made was co-signed by my employer. It surely sucks not to have a good credit when you live here in the US. Although I have kept a very good credit history in the Philippines, all those did not matter here. My credit history there was not get carried over here in the US when I moved. I had to start all over again from scratch and build my credit slowly but surely. website offers several services that can help you manage your credit and finances. They offer Debt consolidation, Debt relief consultation and several Debt help information to assist you as you put order back in your finances.

I took the Bills IQ exam on the website and got an amazing 92%A score. My answers to the questionnaire were mostly based on how my credit was back in the Philippines and a little of it was based on my 9 months experience here in the US. I know that the result could be different if I have been living here in the US longer and would base my answers from my current financial status here in the US. Either ways, this Bills IQ exam gave me a great explanation for my answers and what I can do to keep my financials fit if not very good. Being new to the credit rating concept, the exam gave me valuable information on the factors that can affect credit score. Credit score is based on three factors: payment history, debt loads and debt utilization. The Bills IQ exam also taught me why it is important to have a budget and to prepare for rainy day funds. Most importantly, Bills IQ provided information on how and why I should prepare for the future by creating a roadmap of my goals so that come retirement day, I can enjoy the fruits of my labor.

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Thinking of Retirement?

I know I've mentioned many times that I am tired of working and would like to get an early retirement. But NO, it's not yet my time. Hehe. I just want to share a good resource if you are planning to retire anytime soon. If you're looking for a retirement home, here's a very useful site to visit:

California Senior Living

You might be wondering why I suddenly thought about retirement. It must be the weird weather here. I checked yahoo weather early this week to decide if I am getting a carwash for Kimi and yahoo said that there will be moonsoon rains starting tonight. The last time I checked the temperature outside, it was in the 90's. It was hot and sunny with no signs of the rain coming. Hmmm... let's see how accurate the weather bureau here in the US is. =)

Live Organic

Whole Foods is a retail company who sells only "natural" and organic products. They promote organic products that meet their quality standards. Recently, they launched a podcast campaign series for their all-natural body care and supplements. This month's featured videos are from a Manhattan's premiere haircare salon owner who is also the founder of an all-organic personal care product line, John Masters. John Masters’ Natural Salons only uses natural haircare products. The podcast series provide a lot of information about alternative natural ingredients to beautifying ones hair. For example instead of using conventional chemical based products for hair straightening, John Masters suggested to use avocado oil. I think this kind of information is what we need if we want to live a healthy, highly organic and natural lifestyle.


My brain is so unfit to do any coding today. I think I will destroy more parts of the application if I attempt to work. Crazy me, I slept at 2am awhile ago and woke up at 6am. I wasn't working the whole night. Well, if doing paid blogging is work then I was working like hell last night! Haha. This is the first time that I've written 7 posts in one day! This "sponsored" blogging thing is really addicting. I babysit my Payperpost and SocialSpark accounts more often than I check my business emails. *guilty!*

One of my colleagues here at the client's office is taking a 3-month long leave of absence. She's going back to Florida to take care of her sick mom. When I first came here to Phoenix, she sort of leased me her apartment because she will go on a vacation for a month. And so while I was still deciding which area here in Phoenix I want to get an apartment, I stayed at her awesome condo. she's a very nice girl and I really appreciated her generosity. I hope I am still here in Phoenix by the time she comes back from her LOA. I'm looking forward to her send-off party later this evening at Salty Senorita *sounds like Tila Tequila. hehe*. I so deserve some booze after all the stress I am getting from this project. Hehe.

Hmmmm... lack of sleep + stress + booze = ??? I'm pretty sure that's not a very healthy combination.

Note to self... Stay away from getting a DUI conviction! I think I'm going to carpool later. =)

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Helsinki Nostalgia

Someone's been hit by nostalgia today. Hehe. I was going through the old BlueGinger blog and I checked out what exactly I was doing four years ago. Guess what I have found...

Summer in Helsinki - July 2004 3:11 PM

finally it's not so cold here in helsinki. also not so hot like in manila. just the right temperature to go out and enjoy helsinki! yahoo!

I arrived here last monday but I had to go straight to work from the airport. That's too mean! I didnt have a choice since I didnt have a key to the apartment and had to pick up the key from nokia house. anyways, when i got to the office, my ofcmate was in a meeting so i had to attend his meeting too! really rude!!! when i got to the meeting, i brought with me pinoy chocolates... i think it was curly tops. guess what?! they loved the chocolates especially the ladies. according to them, it wasnt so sweet and they could eat a lot of it without noticing they had too much of choco already. hahaha. at least the next time i come here and bring them pasalubong, it wouldnt be too hard to find something for them... not to mention it's a lot cheaper than dried mangoes. hehehe.

Punzi, my ofcmate just left for manila yesterday (friday). That means I have to attend the meetings alone. hayy... too bad! I have no one to ask when i dont know how to answer the client's questions. well anyways, i am looking forward to go shopping... or at least window shop today. my allowance hasnt arrived yet so i dont think shopping will be a good idea. i dont want to be caught dead broke here in helsinki especially everything here is a lot more expensive than in manila. Ill also try to visit the fleamarket that punzi told me. i hope stuff in there is less expensive. Ill also try to take some pictures of the places im going to later. I borrowed punzi's digicam so I can take pictures if ever i decide to go to the zoo. My ofcmates told me that there are lots of unusual animals in helsinki zoo... might as well give it a visit.

at times like this, i miss home. i have no other pinoy to talk to. my ofcmate chad, who is also my aptmnt mate is the only person to talk to. hayy... it's sad to be the only pinoy here in helsinki.

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Hayyyy... Helsinki Days! I miss Helsinki. I miss working and living there. With the current heat here in Arizona, I am missing Helsinki more!!! Haha. Seriously, I think I left a part of my heart in Helsinki. For three straight years, I was always there during summer and Helsinki has the best summer weather I've ever experienced so far. I have a lot of good things to say about living in Finland but I guess I would have to dedicate one very long post about it. Four years ago, I was living in a foreign land. Four years later, I am still living in another foreign land. Is this a sign? A sign that I should be investing in a mobile lifestyle!

Be Aware! Join the Breast Cancer Link Debate!

Parabens are preservatives usually added to cosmetics and personal care products to kill bacteria. Recent researches indicate the presence of paraben chemicals in the sample tissues from different breast tumors, more commonly known as breast cancer. Recent studies suggest that these paraben and aluminum chemicals came from personal care products that are applied to the skin. Examples of these products are deodorants, creams and body sprays.

I was greatly alarmed after doing further readings about this topic. Whenever we apply these products to our skin, a part of these parabens are absorbed by the skin and are later stored in the body. So imagine how much paraben can accumulate in our body over time if we use paraben-rich products every single day. Since I have been using certain personal care products for years now, there's this usual instinct of just putting them in your cart while doing shopping and not really spending time to read the ingredients used in those products. I am very guilty of that! Sometimes in our attempt to skimp on our budget or use more popular brands or get influenced by good advertising, we fail to recognize the need to read product ingredients. I guess as a consumer, we should be more cautious when doing our purchases and do our best to build awareness to other people. You can voice out your opinions about this topic in the Join the Breast Cancer Link Debate site. Health risks such as this is something that we should be serious and vigilant about. Join the Breast Cancer Link Debate!

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On Living in Phoenix

Who would have thought that after so many years of planning to migrate to another country, destiny will bring me to this hot and sunny city of Arizona? I guess circumstance played a big role in getting me here. Well, honestly, I am still hesitant to accept that I will be staying here for a long time. I mean, Arizona is not the most Asian-friendly state here in the US, right? Of course if I had a choice, I would surely choose a state and city that is similar to my home country unless I am sick and tired of my own country and would want a new environment.

I've been to a couple of cities in the West coast and so far, Arizona is at par with what I am looking for in a place to settle into. Road wise, it's easier to drive in the freeways of AZ and Phoenix roads in general. Traffic was never as bad as downtown LA or California freeways. The only time that I get into traffic is when there's an accident or some roadway work being done. But then the volume of cars on the roads during rush hour will never be as bad as downtown LA! Housing here in Phoenix is not as expensive as in California. And the tax!!! It's way lower than let's say San Francisco! Okay... I am probably convincing myself to be happy living here. Haha.