Thursday, April 30, 2009

Affordable But Realible Healthcare

One thing that I have learned to value is my health. Couple of years back, I was diagnosed with a polycystic ovary. Little did I know that I will get an operation to remove the cyst just a few months after I was diagnosed. Take note, the surgery wasn't done in the Manila, my home but when I was on a project deployment in Helsinki. Health problems occur at the least expected time and sometimes it requires immediate medical attention. Healthcare definitely does not come cheap. I guess that is true for any country. Healthcare here in the US is definitely a must and this is usually offered by employers. So in this tough economy, how can the unemployed and recently layed-off persons acquire healthcare? The solution... Solo Benefits healthcare programs! Solo Benefits offer different packages for individuals at almost the same low prices as with large groups or large employment organizations. Packages include TelaDoc, prescription drug discount, financial helpline, telephonic counseling, Aetna dental access, Coast to Coast vision and a lot more. Basic package start at a rock bottom price of $14.95 per month! Check out to select the best healthcare program package that suits your needs. This is an awesome deal especially for those unemployed people who still want to be assured of getting proper healthcare and being able to afford a realible healthcare provider.

After hearing the news regarding the possible swine flu pandemic, I guess we can never really be extremely cautious about our health. Diseases and epidemics like this can just break out even with the best caution that we can do. Our health is our treasure. We must take care of it and what better way to make sure we can get the health services that we need than getting a sure and reliable health plan through Solo Benefits. Do check out for more information.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rolex Watches

I've always believed that hardwork should always be rewarded. One of my motivations whenever I have a big project or any big deliverable for a client is planning a vacation after the project goes live. It somehow motivates me to work harder and push myself to my limit so that I can enjoy my vacation more knowing that my hard work will always be appreciated.

I guess the time has really changed and I guess that I have redefined what I want as my rewards after my hard work. Saw these gorgeous looking ladies roles white MOP diamond lugs oyster watch. It has a mother of pearl diamond dial with 1 carat diamond bezel. The band comes in stainless steel oyster. I so love it! I want this dress watch for my reward! Find more authentic and certified rolex watches on at discounted prices. This online store provides 3 year warranty on their rolex watches and free FedEx shipping!

I must...

...stop buying scented candles, air fresheners, scented oil plugins, oil diffusers, and everything else that keeps my apartment smelling good. For the past months, my apartment is soooo overly scented because of these. Haha. I know that the bf loves a great smelling apartment but I think I overdid it this time. $50 to $70 a month worth of these deodorizing paraphernalia is probably too much.

My favorite scented candles are from Gold Canyon in Cool Silk and Clean Sheets scent. I so love the "bagong-laba" *newly laundried" scent. The car freshener from gold canyon also smells awesomely great. Love it smell it whenever I get inside my car. And then at home I use Renuzit Tri Scents in Morning Meadow scent. I also use that Glade oil plugin in clean linen scent for the bathroom. It relaxes me whenever I stay long in the tub. Just sharing!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

This Summer's Hottest Trend

Batik is a dyeing technique used for textiles. Back home in the Philippines, I would commonly associate Batik with summer wear because a lot of beach clothing use this fabric design. Nowadays, batik design and patterns can not only be seen in clothing but this familiar pattern can be seen in bags, stationaries, accessories such as scarves and ties, household items such as picture frames, table set and bed covers. There's no limit in the usage of batik textile these days and I have found a great store online that sells handmade batik products that are extraordinarily unique, fashionable and very affordable. Kraf Online is a Batik store that sells these awesomely nice Batik men's shirts that I am sure the bf will love. I would love to get this ZANA Batik Men's Shirt for the bf in his favorite shade of blue. I also want to get this Batik slip-ons paired with a ZANA Exclusive Silk Chiffon Scarf for a nightout at the beach.


Summer weather and batik clothing is great combination! It's an absolute must to look fashionable at the beach. Do checkout Kraf Online for other handmade batik pieces. I am sure that you will also love the designs as much as I did. Oh did I mention that they offer free upgrades for priority shipping for purchases above 100USD? Take advantage of this special offer. And they do accept paypal as a payment method for a more secure online transaction. Also, do check out batik blog for more product updates and KrafOnline announcements.


On Ranting and Moving

My schedule's been too toxic lately. Juggling between two projects in two different timezone is killing the remaining sleeping time I can spend. Working full-time on a US project and supposedly working part-time on a European project is a very, very bad combination. With the extreme timezone difference, it is very, very difficult to do overlaps with the client. Now, I am regretting ever accepting this project. Yay!

Anyways, I heard that my office in manila is planning to move to another building. A building with a cheaper rent. OMG!!! I can't believe that everything is affected by the recession going on globally. For my friends who are reading this blog, I would prefer that you guys don't share this info to current employees of the company. I am not sure if the management has announced this move. But one thing's for sure... I will SOOOO miss that office building right in front of the Ayala triangle and having the awesomest view of Makati.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Great Buys

I never thought that Halloween was such a big thing here in the US. Last year was my first time to attend a Halloween party and we were required to dress-up for the occasion. All of had to research on which costume we would wear and where to buy them. I certainly prefer not wearing a very common costume because I was afraid someone from the party wears the same costume I got. At, you can find a lot affordable costumes from dresses to accessories. They do have an easy to use website where you can choose from sexy fancy dress, 60's fancy dress, kids fancy dress, doctors and nurses costumes, among many others. Check out their site now and start thinking about the next costume party you will attend.

Check Traffic Receiver Error

I have a Garmin Nuvi 660 and recently, my traffic update subscription expired. Couple of months ago I also updated my nuvi's firmware... can't remember what the exact version of the firmware was but it was the most recent firmware available that time.

Photo credit:

Few weeks ago, I started getting an error message in my nuvi that says "Check traffic receiver". This message shows up every time I turn my garmin on while it is attached to the dock. I later noticed that my 12V power/traffic receiver cable is slightly damaged maybe because of the pulling tension everytime my dock's suction cup gets detached from my windshield. Anyways, I also noticed that everytime I attempt to turn my nuvi off while it is still on the dock, it wouldn't turn off. Although the nuvi still gets charged while it is on the dock, it takes a longer time to recharge the battery. And so I have decided to get a replacement 12V power cable from Amazon. I bought a GARMIN 010-10747-03 12-Volt Adapter Cable which was the compatible cable for my Nuvi 660.

Photo credit:

And yes, this one solved all the earlier problems I have encountered. Seems like I had a busted power cable!!! I will miss the traffic updates from my old cable but I think I only used it less than 10 times while I am here in Arizona. There's not much traffic going on here so it should be ok not to have the traffic update subscription. I'm just glad my Nuvi is back to its old functioning self. =)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an old Chinese tradition that is believed to utilize the laws of Heaven and Earth to improve a person's life by receiving positive energy or the Qi. Although we are not Chinese, my mom sort of believes this old Chinese tradition. Feng Shui teaching says that you should create your individual feng shui map. This means you need to know your lucky numbers, your lucky colors, etc. Next is to create a feng shui harmonizing interior by arranging your home in such a way that it attracts positive energy and bounces off negative energies. There are self-help book about this that can serve as your guide to fix your home. Next step is to enhance energy through a healthy nutrition and meditation. More information on the Feng Shui doctrines can be found at feng shui ebooks. Just click the link and start attracting the positive Qi for a better life.

I Miss Europe

Someone is missing her old lifestyle. =(

Yeah, it is me! I miss going out of the country for work and doing sidetrips to other countries for a quick vacation. I miss earning mileage from all those travels and getting special treatment because of my mileage status. I'm back to being Silver btw from Platinum. Huhuhu. I want to go back to Europe! I want to go to Barcelona and Paris to see the Louvre. =(

Glow In The Dark

I found a site that will get Kimi *my '03 Lexus IS300* pimped once again. This time it's glow in the dark rims!!! Haha. I know that's so pathetic to put into Kimi but I guess that would help me find Kimi when he's parked in a dark corner. Anyways, luminophore is a material that makes things glow in the dark after being exposed to light. It is fine-grained powder that does not contain any radioactive isotopes. I remember having those glow in the dark starts and planets in our bedroom ceiling back in Manila. Imagine having that glow in the dark effect on the rims of your car in the evening. I'm sure it will be a head turner on the roads. Luminophore has a variety of uses and you can basically make everything glow in the dark using this safe substance. Check out the for more information on how to order this product.

Go for Broke at Sushi Brokers

For the past month, my friends and I have been trying different sushi restaurants here in Arizona specifically those in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Chandler areas. Last Friday we went to Sushi Brokers along Scottsdale Road. Service is really good especially our food attendant, Boobie. Sushi was so-so for me. Probably not the best but it did satisfied my sushi craving. Since it was Good Friday when we went there, I wasn't able to try the non-seafood on their menu but I heard they also serve great entrees. FYI, my standard for a good sushi is based on the Caterpillar roll. Haha. The price was not as expensive as SOS. So if you're looking for not so expensive sushi eats with a good service, check out Sushi Brokers! It's between the crossroads Scottsdale Road and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Nope... they did not pay me to advertise here. I will be posting some more sushi place reviews here in Phoenix in the next few blog posts.

Home Decors

Do you have an oriental inspired home? Are you looking for great looking, affordable and high quality buddha statues? Check out Buddha Groove website and get the best deals from their statues, wall art, home decors, fashion accessories, jewelries, stationaries, media and books and even gifts for all occasions. This website sells buddha statues made of metal, resin, ceramic, stone and even wood. Beliefs say that putting a Buddha Statue in your home can bring good luck, wealth and good fortune. Many believe that if you receive a buddha as a gift, it brings more good luck than buying it. This makes it a great gift to your friends and family. I guess even if you believe this saying or not, buddha statues still look good as home decors.

Happy Easter Monday

As Jesus resurrected from the dead and saved us from all our sins, I am resurrecting too from my Starbucks and 2++ cups coffee per day. Woohoo!!! For the last 40++ days, I've given up my Starbucks and only had 1 cup of non-Starbucks coffee per day. It was a difficult challenge for me since I am a certified and self-confessed coffee addict. I'm just glad this is over and I survived it with flying colors.

Happy Easter everyone!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Few weeks ago, my cable tv and internet provider were upgrading their existing infrastructure by changing the lines into fiber optics. Couple days ago while they were doing their transition, I had problems with my internet and the service guys needed to check the cables and connectors coming from my apartment going to the outside fiber optic lines. sells a wide range of connectors, cables, wires and cabling tools. I'm sure you will find what you need from their wide selection of cabling products. FS6U is a nickel compression connector that allows you to put a male "F" plug on the end of your RG6 wire. This is the wire used to connect my tv to the cable tv provider's distribution box. The FS6U compression connector will fit any RG6 or RG6 quad shielded cable. Learn more about these type of cable connectors from Compression Connector website and order it from them.

Food 4 Thought Friday - Week 15

How are you going to celebrate Easter this year?
- Go to church in the morning then go to Gilbert for the Couples for Christ Easter Sunday Picnic

What is your favorite Easter tradition either currently or as a child?
- egghunt at my grandparents' house. I miss my cousins in manila.

What is your favorite Easter treat?
- hmmm.. i don't think we have one. I just miss the easter parties back in manila. Filipino food!

Midnight Snack
What does Easter mean to you?
- as a Catholic it means Jesus Christ saved us from our sins and we should be thankful for that

Recipe of the Week (instead of your recipe for life what is it just for the week?)
- General house cleaning!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Wood Furniture

I've been planning to move to Las Vegas for the longest time. I am just waiting for my project here in Phoenix to end and I will definitely move out of this state. I know it's still premature to make plans on this move because it's not until July but I have been searching for a nice apartment in Las Vegas online and I've also been searching for nice furnitures. I've been renting furnished apartments for more than a year now and have not really acquired any furniture because I wasn't sure yet where I really want to settle. Since my job requires me to travel a lot, I thought buying furnitures would be such a hassle when the project requires me to move out-of-state. Now with the new bf in my life, I have finally decided to move to where he lives *I meant the state not his house!* so I will be renting an unfurnished apartment and get my own furnitures. Yehey! I found this nice site selling wood furniture that I really fell in love with. I want to get this Queen size wooden serpentine bed. I love the design of the headboard and it's just the right height. I so want this bed for my new apartment! It would be great if I can get all the matching bedroom set with this wooden serpentine bed. Now, I just have to work my ass to earn money to pay for it. Hehe.

SFC Arizona - Christian Life Program

I would like to invite you to Singles for Christ Arizona's Christian Life Program. This program is intended for single men and women ages 21 and above. The Christian Life Program (CLP) is an integrated course leading into a renewed understanding of God’s call to Christian singles. Most sessions consist of a talk, group discussion, and time for fellowship. It helps them understand basic catechism and grow in their faith as led by the power of the Holy Spirit. This CLP will run for 3 consecutive Saturdays (May 2,9 and 16)

SFC CLP 2009

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Freelance Jobs

In this tough economy, you need to be creative in finding where you can earn money from. One of the ways of earning money from the comforts of your home is getting a freelance job online. At, a huge list of freelance job openings are within your reach. Depending on your expertise, skill or interest, you can find a job that would suit you. There are jobs for writing or reading, creating and maintaining databases, data entry, marketing, programming, graphic design, multimedia jobs, and a lot more. The Freelance Job Board gives you a list of the latest freelance job openings with the expected income, job description and the job start date. This is a great site if you are looking for a second job or even a full-time job that would allow you to stay home and earn money. Check out and start making money!

Internet Again

I just wanted to share that... I HAVE MY INTERNET BACK! Wooohoo!!! Hookay... I'm obviously too happy about this. The QWEST guys came here around 4PM and I had to sneak out of work early to meet them up here in my apartment.

So what was the problem? They said that the fiber optic where my apartment is connected to is probably busted that's the modem is not getting any response. Also, they found out that I have a defective modem. Geeezzz! Yeah, I am that unlucky to get that much problem in one case. So yeah, case is solved finally! And they also figured out what was wrong with my wifi... well, I sort of gave them a tip. The modem that they have provided has the same IP address as my dLink router which prevents each other from getting connected. Yay! Another lesson learned!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Interesting Read

I've always enjoyed reading self-help books even the DIY (do-it-yourself) and so-and-so for dummies books. It's my first time to hear of a book about how to survive Federal Prisons. Yes, it did interest me not because I am planning on doing a crime and getting myself in jail but because it is a story about a former prison inmate who survived living in the federal prison. In this book he shared his story as an inmate and wrote about tips on what to expects, the do's and dont's, the things that you will need while inside the prison. This is an interesting read that can probably enlighten people like us who have never been inside the prison cell on what kind of life there is inside the federal prison.

Day 3: Still Internet-less

Oh Lord please let me get through another difficult day of not having internet at home. Yes, QWEST service sucks big time! I am so ready to terminate their service but guess what... there's only one provider for cable and internet in my condo complex therefore leaving me with not much choice.

Option 1: Get an aircard subscription
- Problem with the aircard is that I have several mini-office machines *my empire* that needs to be in the network. I have 2 laptops, a multi-function network ready printer, an expensive gigabit wifi router and a portable harddrive connected to the router that serves as a backup drive. So how do I get my 2 laptops online and put everything else in the network using an aircard? Hayyy...

Option 2: Get a satellite internet subscription
- I checked with the local satellite internet providers here in Phoenix and they are pretty pricey. Hughes.Net provides this service and the monthly fee starts at $70/mo exclusive of the equipment and installation. Yay!

So yeah, I am still weighing my options. Which one is more cost-effective and more feasible for my home-office empire.