Friday, May 22, 2009

Affordable Toys for Cats

The boyfriend is a super cat lover. I am a big dog fan. Sometimes we would talk about getting a pet when I finally move in Las Vegas but then we sometimes don't agree which pet to get. I guess the only reason why I don't like cats is because of their annoyingly smelly cat litter. Besides that, I like cats. There was this one time that I went to a retreat with friends in Arizona which was held in a small private ranch. When I was doing my prayer near one of their grotto's this stray cat which is a grayish black cat kept going near me. While I was praying the cat would climb up my leg and would sort of ask me to pet him. And then when I start petting him, the cat would lie down on my leg somewhat signalling that I continue to pet him. It was so cute that I wanted to take it home with me. Good thing I brought my phone and took pictures of the cat and sent it to the boyfriend. Boyfriend asked if I could take it home with me but too bad I couldn't keep a pet in my apartment because it's not allowed by my landlord. Awwww...

I guess when I move here in Vegas, I would need to find an apartment that allows pets so we can get our baby cat. I found this site that sells really, really cute mouse cat toys. These zanies cat toys are so adorable. They're made of fancy fur that I am sure my future pet cat would really love. These zanies cat toys are made of top quality and durable materials that would be give hours of fun for my future pet cat.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

CLP's Over

I have mentioned in this blog about how busy our weekends have been due to the Christian Life Programs that we have been doing every weekend. Each weekend there are a new set of mission teams coming from California and Las Vegas who have been helping us for our CLP. I would just like to personally thank them for answering to this call for mission and sharing their time and resources with us here in SFC. It's been a great honor to serve with them.

To our newly dedicated brothers and sisters, may welcome to the family! Check out some photos of our CLP here.

Friday, May 15, 2009

USB Extenders

Even with the most powerful laptops, sometimes USB slots are still not enough. I am one of those people who always have something plugged in her laptop's USB. One USB slot is for my mouse. Another USB slot is for charging my IPOD while I am listening to iTunes. Another USB slot is for my mobile harddrive which contains a lot of my backup files. My Dell laptop only has 3 USB slots and I have always wished it had more. It was such a hassle to juggle which gadgets can be plugged to my laptop at a time. When I need to move photos from my camera, print something on my printer, and do a lot more other stuff with the USB gadgets that I own, I had to decide which ones I can remove from my limited 3 USB slots.

Good news is, there's such as thing as a USB extender. With the USB Extender, you are able to extend 1 USB slot into 4 USB slots. This device does not require any device driver which is so awesome. Plus, the device can extend until 150 feet using Cat5 or Cat5e or Cat6 UTP cable. Some devices are even USB 2.0 compatible. With up to 480Mb/s speed even at at distance of 50m, this USB extender is really something! I am so getting a Cat5 USB extender for myself.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Performance Social Media

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I am Too Busy

Sometimes no matter how busy you are with work, you have to find time to stop, divert your attention at something else to relax for a bit then go back to the monotony of your mundane and busy life. That's what just happened to me couple of days ago. Work's been killing me... literally! Work's been physically, emotionally and intellectually draining for me lately that I can't even get 8 hours sleep per day. This intense lifestyle has taken its toll on my personal and social life but then again when a lot of people depend on you, you just afford to slack and stop. Hayyy...

Besides work, I've been busy with serving in our CLP. I just hope our participants come back next week for the next session. Praying intensely about it!