Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rustic Furniture

I am currently in a hunt for a new apartment and I am planning to furnish it on my own. I found a great site where to get my new furnitures! Check out for unique, artistically made and rustic furniture.

Plurk Question

A friend in plurk posted a question: What are you going to do if your partner cheats on you?

I know my initial instinct is to get mad. *who doesn't?!?* I guess if I know that I have been neglecting my partner and his needs, then I guess it's also my fault that he cheated. But then again, fidelity and being trustworthy is one of my non-negotiables so yeah, it might be a difficult to just let this thing pass.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Real Property Management

I am again in search for a new apartment or condo. I just got another contract extension for my client here in Phoenix until the end of the year. This means I will have another six months of certainty in my life and it also means that I will most probably spend Thanksgiving and Christmas here in Phoenix. After a lot of thinking and weighing of options, I have finally decided that I will be moving to an unfurnished place and will start acquiring my own furnitures and appliances.

I am so thankful for professional real estate property managers because they make the life of renters like me very convenient. Real Property Management is one of those real estate professionals who manages single family homes, multi-unit apartment buildings and homeowner's associations. If you have your own property and you want to put it on rental, Real Property Management can take care of tenant placement, credit and multi-state criminal background screening of potential renters, regular property inspections, accounting, project management, monthly financial reporting to owners, maintenance services, collections and a lot more. Real Property Management prides itself for winning the "Franchise of the Year Honorable Mention" award. They are a reputable organization that can definitely professionally manage your real estate property with no hassle. Check out their site to request for more information.

Oldschool Senti Mush

Everybody needs a someone
Waitin to be there when things are a-lookin down

- 'Never Let Her Go' by Bread

Never let her go-David Gates

I'm in super senti mode once again and been listening to super dooper old senti songs. I know some of you probably wouldn't even recognize the song because of oldness. Yeah... I am aging. LOL.

This post is out of nothingness... just wanted to share the love today to everybody who's still reading my blog. C'mon sing with me... "never let her gooooo... never let her goooo... never let her goooo...."