Thursday, July 09, 2009

Anaheim Auto Body Shops

A good friend of mine rear-ended another car yesterday in California. Good thing that they were both ok after the accident and that the damage to both cars weren't that big. Well, not as big as totally replacing the whole car. Hehe. Anyways, my friend drives an old bimmer and I know that his baby bimmer would definitely cost him a lot of money for repairs. And I am also pretty sure that he would need a good and reputable auto body shop in his area. Collision Repair experts is a good website that contains a huge network of "best in class" collision repair experts. Their huge network is made up of reputable and committed to excellence shop owners therefore you will assured of the good service they do. I am definitely sending the link to this auto body shop anaheim to my friend so he can get his baby bimmer fixed to it's pre-accident condition and bring it back to its tip top shape.

I Guess I'm Back... To Blogging

Oh-em-gee... I haven't updated this blog for almost a month now. Oh well... work has been crazily busy again because my teamlead went on a 2-week vacation during a production go live. It's good that I survived this go live without her and been struggling to catch up on blogging.

I know, I know. I should blog more. I haven't even been doing paid blogs in a while. Yay! Anyways, I hope everything's well with all of you. Keep visiting my blog for random updates.

Btw, it's so !@*(#$% HOT here in Phoenix. Weather report says it's going to be a high 116 degrees here over the weekend. WAAAAA!!! Winter please take me!