Monday, November 16, 2009

My Alternate Career

Couple of years I go, I told myself that if I won’t be a successful IT Consultant, I will consider opening a restaurant and just live the rest of my life making a living out of my second passion which is cooking. When I was still a kid, maybe around 10, my grandfather enrolled me to a weekend Japanese cooking school in Manila. I have already been passionate about cooking food since I was small. It always got me into thinking of doing an alternate career in restaurateur or being a chef. Now that I reached more than a quarter of my life, I am sort of considering moving to a different career.

In any battle, you have to be well-armed before you go. Northwest Culinary Institute is a division of the International Air and Hospital Academy. They offer a 9 month culinary diploma program in a fully equipped culinary kitchen. Their corporate headquarters is located in Vancouver, Washington. What’s great about this culinary school is that they offer financial aid, culinary scholarships and housing to those students who cannot afford to send themselves to a culinary school. I know that culinary education does not come cheap so this is a great help for those who are aspiring to become future chefs but never got the opportunity to study. Check out their site to know more about culinary institutes that can truly help in starting a career or moving to a new career.

AZ Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks

The GG and I went to the Cardinals game yesterday afternoon at the University of Phoenix stadium. Thank God for the free BLUE parking pass, we were able to park not so far from the stadium. The little big boy (my boyfriend) sure did enjoy the game. It was both our first time to watch a live football game. He better enjoy the game because the tickets did not come cheap! Haha. Anyways, here a photo before the game started when the national anthem was sung.

I enjoyed the game too... finally after couple of hours trying to figure out the rules of the game. Hahaha. Lots of drunk people after the game. Took an hour to get out of the parking area because of the mob traffic. Seriously bad traffic! But then again, maybe we would watch another game next time. Or better yet, watch the Suns game! Yehey! Oh btw, Cardinals won!