Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Arizona Good Eats

I am a sucker for good Chinese food. When I say Chinese food, I'm talking about the real, authentic Chinese cuisine and not the Americanized orange chicken, lemon chicken, or anything chicken. I used to tease my husband because he'll always order either orange chicken, lemon chicken or sweet and sour chicken whenever we go to Chinese restaurants. I told him that it is not exactly Chinese cuisine. LOL. What can I do? He grew up in a place where Chinese food is just greasy, commercialized food in a take out box.

About a month after I moved here in Arizona, an officemate friend of mine took me to the Chinese Cultural Center near downtown. We went to Golden Buddha, located inside the COFCO complex in downtown where real chinese food can be found! To my delight, they were serving dimsum in carts. Several carts would pass by our table with different set of menus. My favorite cart was the steamed dimsum cart. I love pork and shrimp siomai with chili sauce and soy sauce over hot white rice. OMG! I'm drooling now just thinking about it. Give me siomai and rice any day and it'll surely make the pinoy happy in me. Other dimsum items i like are the shrimp ball over tofu, shark's fin dumpling, fried taro ball and sesame ball with red bean. Me and my husband attended a lunch party there last weekend and he loved the steamed barbecue pork bun. Finally he appreciated something real chinese! I like the baked barbecue pork bun over the steamed one. Dimsum is served only during lunch time everyday. If only I live close to this place you would definitely see me there everyday. Hahaha.

Earn a Teaching Degree

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of USC. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I was a kid, I have always thought I will become a teacher. I remember how I tutored my younger sisters in their homework everyday. Though I did not pursue a career in teaching when I was in college, that old dream of belonging in the academe has never disappeared until now. I noticed that in my current job, I enjoyed doing presentations, talking to clients, providing lectures and trainings for my software projects.

To my delight, I found out that the USC Rossier School of Education is offering an online Master of Arts in Teaching degree. In the comforts of your home, you can receive interactive online learning and field-based experiences. They also offer a tuition reimbursement program and possibly a scholarship that will ease the burden of paying for education. In as short as 12 months, you can complete the accelerated program and become part of the elite USC Trojan Family. This prestigious school of education has been ranked #22 in the United States and has been ranked #9 among all private universities by the US News and World Report. What is great about this program is that it leverages the internet technology and fully supports the distance learning. This is a very exciting opportunity for busy people like me who would like to pursue a career in the academe. You can get their program information and learn how to earn your Masters degree in teaching or how you can advance and elevate your current career in teaching by visiting their website below.
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Monday, May 10, 2010

Rant About Overpriced Passport Photos

Do you know how much two (2) pieces of passport photos cost? Me and my husband had our passport photos taken at Walgreens about 3 weeks ago for my USCIS documents. I was surprised to find out that two pieces of photos cost $8.99!!! Did you also know that a 5"x6" photo print only costs 8cents to 15cents? So how can 2 pieces of 2"x2" photos which can absolutely fit in a 5"x6" photo print cost 60 times a regular photo??? Argh!!!

Fyi, I needed about 5 passport photos so I spent over $20 for passport photos at Walgreens. Few days ago I needed passport photos again for my Philippine embassy document. I was already fed up with the overpriced photos at Walgreens so I decided to take action. I googled diy passport photos and I found a site that allows you to create your own passport photos. Armed with my own point and shoot camera, we set-up our own passport photo studio... white table cloth, heavy duty tapes and a tripod. We just had to make sure that we have enough lighting to avoid shadows. Upload your photo at epassportphoto.com after selecting the desired country for your passport photo (NOTE: each country have specific sizes for passport photos). Move the box to the desired cropping area of your photo then download cropped photo and save it on a mobile drive (eg. thumbdrive, memory card, etc). We took this softcopy photos and printed them at Target/Walmart which costs around 15cents to 22cents each 5"x6" photo print which contained 5 US passport sized photos or 7 Philippine passport sized photos. Yehey! The print looked professional!!!

I don't think I'll ever pay more than a dollar of passport photos ever again. I personally recommend this epassportphoto.com for all techie but frugal people out there just like me.

Nexx Web Hosting Promo

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Nexx Online. All opinions are 100% mine.

Few hours ago, I got an email from my domain provider that my domain name is about to expire in July. Although I never had problems with them for the past 2 years, they recently informed me about the 7% price increase in my current subscription. I immediately asked why I would have to be burdened by a higher price when the services that I will be receiving won't get upgraded. And then I saw this ad on nexx.com. At a cheaper price, I can keep my domain name and get better service.


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Filipino Food Craving

I was craving Filipino food last week and decided to make Goto (Beef tripe congee) and Tokwa't Baboy (marinated pork and tofu) last weekend. I think I got too excited about eating it that i cooked too much, enough to feed 15 people. LOL. My not-so-Filipino husband had a hard time swallowing the food. I just found out he didn't like beef tripe, much more the pig's ear. =( Failure for me for trying to introduce Filipino food to my American husband. ARGH!!! I was trying to convince him that he should practice eating Filipino delicacies because it'll be the same food he'll be eating when we go home to the Philippines next year. He said he was like in Fear Factor trying to not breathe and swallow without chewing the food I served him. =(

Note to self, never attempt to serve the husband unfamiliar meat especially innards. Lol. At least I was able to feed my cravings and have 3-weeks worth of Goto to finish!

Home Theater System

Moving to a bigger home and furnishing it has been a great and wonderful experience for me and my husband. It is my first time to furnish a home because I have been living in either hotels or fully furnished homes for the last how many years. I guess every family dreams of owning a home theater system someday with all the bells and whistles. Me and my husband are techie geeks so we love to plan our home theater system very carefully. One of the major components of a home theater system is the av receiver. Through an AV receiver, you are able to control the input and output of both audio and video of your system. It is the device where you can amplify the sound of your system through various audio sources such as AM/FM radio, iPod, HD radio and many others. Through this device you can also route video signals to your television from various sources like DVD, Blu-ray, VCRs and many others. If you want to start planning your home theater system, AV Receiver is a good site to get the best of breed AV receivers at super low prices. What’s great about this site is that you can read the reviews from Amazon and do your comparison in both functionality and price. Based on my experience, I get more discounts and more competitive prices online so better check out this site.