Friday, July 02, 2010

AOS Update

I did my walk-in biometrics Tuesday last week. My original schedule for biometrics is on July 12 which I thought was too far wait so I gambled to go to the ASC here in Phoenix. Luckily there were barely any people in the ASC when my husband and I went last Tuesday at 9AM. The biometrics was quick. I was done in about 10mins from the time we arrived to the time we walked out of the building. There was actually no line. LOL.

Tip: Bring all of the 797 Notice of Action documents that USCIS sent you. You may need to refer to the A# on the notice of action for your I-485.

Both my I-485 and I-765 filing was touched on the same afternoon I went for biometrics. I got an email of "Card production ordered" for my I-765, 3 days after biometrics. This morning, I got another email notification of "card production ordered" for I-765. Weird huh? Just 7 days apart I got two notifications with the same content. So I guess I can continue working! Yehey!!!

Now, I need to wait for my EAD card and an update to my I-485 and I-130.

The Men Pen

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of The Men Pen. All opinions are 100% mine.

How many vain men do you know? I think they're more popularly called metrosexuals. No, they're not homosexuals! Although a lot of these metrosexuals are easily mistaken to be gays by those jock-type men but they're definitely heterosexuals and maybe they have some gay friends. Let's just say they dress in a more sophisticated look, well-groomed, stylish, fashionable and good-looking. I have a lot of these metrosexual friends back home in Manila. Unfortunately, my husband is not one of them. My husband still thinks that men who wear pink shirts are gay. Funny!


Going back to my metrosexual friends, they do indulge in beautifying and maintaining their physical bodies. These friends would tell me that they do frequently go to the gym, spa and dermatologist's clinic because vanity is very important to them. I know they use a lot of facial products like eyecream, moisturizer, sunblock and sometimes make-up to hide zits and blemishes on their skin. They would be glad to know about this Men Pen which is basically a concealer stick. This mens makeup concealer is specifically developed for men's skin type to hide acne, moles, scars, dark circles and blemishes. The Men Pen is available in 17 different shades which I'm sure will suit any skin color. You don't have to be an actor or a moviestar to be self-conscious especially about how you look like. Common people like my metrosexual friends would attest to the confidence boost they get when they know they look good inside and out. Using mens cosmetics does not make you gay after all.

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Thursday, July 01, 2010

P-p-p-oker Face

I've always been a Glee fan so I guess I'm quite partial on their song renditions. LOL. Anyway, last night I watched the rerun of episode 20: Theatricality on Hulu. I've never understood why my husband likes Lady Gaga a lot. And I mean A LOT until I watched Glee's Lea Michele and Idina Menzel perform their own rendition of Poker Face. Now I have a different appreciation for Lady Gaga. I want you guys to listen to this Glee cast version because it is really good. I wouldn't have imagined a Lady Gaga song can be this beautiful. I am not exaggerating! Listen to it and tell me what you think.

Download the full version on iTunes under Glee Cast. =) These Broadway stars really are the awesomest performers!

Skype Video Conference in HD

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of faceVsion Technology USA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Living here in the U.S. while my whole family is in the Philippines has been tough especially during those times when I miss them so much. The most cost-effective and reliable solution for me to communicate with them is through Skype. We usually chat, call, do phone conference or even video conference whenever we have time to spare. My family and I would talk for hours through Skype. What's great about Skype is that skype to skype calls are free! Several years back I did some comparative study on the monthly fees for VOIP calls and skype's monthly rates for unlimited US and Canada calls are by far the lowest.

Skype has been part of my professional and personal life for many years now. Since I got transferred here in the U.S. from our Makati office in Manila, Skype has been my most reliable tool to communicate with my Manila team. Currently, I am still doing support and interviews for new hires at our Manila office and Skype has never failed me to have great quality voice and video conferences. There was this one time when I had to wake up around 5AM to do a job interview for a prospective new hire. The challenging part in doing a technical interview over low quality video conference is the poor to intermittent quality of image and audio. Sometimes we have to repeat what we say over and over until the person we're talking to understands what we are talking about. I also noticed the choppy and pixelated images that sometimes slows down the internet connection in our remote office. I think poor quality video conferencing do not send a good impression to our prospective hires.


faceVsion's touchcam N1 is the first Internet streaming true HD webcam for Skype video calls. This N1 webcam is Skype certified. It produces high resolution 720p video and uses an H.263 codec chip for very good audio video experience. Real-time video conferencing can now be realized using FV touchcam N1. I know that this touchcam will definitely make my video conferences with our Manila office so much better. FV touchcam is available in faceVision on line store through and other value added partners. Make sure that you buy this Skype certified touchCam and not just any other products out there who claim that they can produce real hi-def audio and video outputs. Make sure that you check that Skype certified logo! Do check out the FV ExpressCombo for on-the-go people like me who cannot live without her laptop.

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Home Office Empire

I am such an OC when it comes to cables crossing the room. I simply hate seeing them and tripping on them. Whenever my husband connects his laptop directly to the router *because internet is faster that way* which is about 7 feet away, I would go ballistic. Our home office layout seems weird because we couldnt put the office desk right in front of the window since it's higher than the window. The wall jack for the router is on the opposite side of the room where the computer table and printer are so I had to get a very long (about a 50ft long) network cable and make it go around the room to connect the printer to the router. I'm looking for a solution to either hide the ugly cable or avoid this totally and here are my choices:

1. I thought of finding a white network cable to match the color of the wall and then use big staples to hook the long wire in place. Cheap, easy and ugly but it'll work.

2. Get a cable cover or a wiremold to cover the running wires. I checked ebay, home depot, lowes, ace hardware but the cheapest I found is about $7 for 6feet. I probably would need 40ft of cover. If I get the cheapest one, I might have to paint it to match the color of the wall. Expensive solution so I'm trying to stay away from this.

And for the final solution...

3. Rearrange the electronics are closer to the socket while the big furnitures cover the wires.

Ultimately, I chose #3. Not a really ergonomic floorplan in our home office but what the h*ck... it works! No more tripping on wires. No more ugly, visible crisscrossing wires. Happy wife and husband. =)