Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hello GC

Hello shiny green plastic card from USCIS! I have waited for your arrival for so long that I literally could have camped right next to our mailbox. Hehe.

So what now? I actually have a list of things to do after receiving my permanent resident card aka. Green Card.

1. Report to Social Security Administration that I no longer have restrictions in my employment. Yeah boy!!! Which basically leads to #2.

2. Find a new job... less stressful, pays more and more free time to do other stuff. I wonder where I can find this kind of job in this economy.

3. Plan our church wedding in Manila. With the GC, I can travel to the Philippines all I want. Yehey!

4. Plan our honeymoon... well, all depends with #2 if we can afford a Paris trip.

Exactly 4 mos since we filed our AOS papers to receiving the GC! Happy days ahead!