Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Reception Venue #1

I am currently in a hunt for a wedding venue. I never thought that reception venues costs so much nowadays! My choice of reception venue is a place that looks like a hotel ballroom but at a cheaper price. We prefer an airconditioned venue since some of our guests will be coming from here and I know they wouldn't be able to stand Manila heat.

My first choice for the venue is La Castellana. More photos can be seen here.I totally died when I saw the photos. And then when I found out that it's a whopping 70K pesos for a 4-hour reception, I died again. =( I am not sure if we can afford it but I surely love, love it!

I am honestly scared to see it in person because I might fall in love with it and then later realize we can't afford it. =( Keeping my fingers crossed!

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