Monday, September 13, 2010

Recessionista Bride

Yes, I am one of them. At this time of recession, I think $15,000 wedding in the Philippines is too much. So instead of gloating over not having a lot of fancy stuff for our Manila church wedding, I am trying to get myself busy doing D-I-Y projects for the wedding. Well, goodluck to my arts and crafts skills! LOL.

Oh, don't get me wrong... I am very much excited to start my DIY projects for the wedding since: 1) it takes my mind away from work, 2) my free time waiting for the husband to come home will be spent productively, 3) i can polish my artsy side.

To emboss or not to emboss??? I am currently obsessing about customizing our wedding napkin. I checked online if I can have it printed somewhere costs around $25 for 100 pieces which is unjustifiable! I cannot throw away that much money for something that I know will just be thrown away quickly at the wedding. So in my attempt to be a recessionista bride, I will attempt to make my own personalized wedding napkins. I'll try to make some sample napkins when my materials arrive. Wish me luck!

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